Delirious?’s Tim Jupp Celebrates Birthday with South African Street Children

Delirious? members traveled to South Africa early this December to celebrate band mate Tim Jupp’s birthday, raise AIDS awareness and spread hope among Durban street children. The band also played for more than 20,000 fans in five concerts in South Africa. The tour took them to Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Pretoria.
The birthday bash Dec. 1 in Durban was full of balloons, party hats, music, dance, food, friendship and ministry. Smiling faces in awe took in the splendor of the celebration, many eating for the first time in days.
“For us, and for the children this day had been just a very small oasis in what for South Africa is an overwhelming problem. The party in itself was great but I knew there was more to this day than just this,” says Tim. “It was about giving them a great time, but it was also about raising funds back home that would further help the work on an ongoing basis to help bring value to these children’s lives and to help re-establish them into community. I also discovered too, that this day was about me changing, as there was no way any of us guys in the band will go home without being deeply affected by this experience.”
Money was raised for the event through gifts from Tim’s friends and fans. He sent out invitations for his birthday, informing his guests that they were not actually invited to a party, but instead were invited to give any money they would have spent on gifts and traveling expenses to go towards throwing a party for the children of Durban and the ministry established in South Africa.

Many of these precious children have been orphaned by AIDS, have been left with their wider families, abused and/or thrown out, and have then made their way into the city where they now live on the streets.
“The organization we are involved with as a band, HOPE HIV, is working with the Amos Trust in South Africa in reinstating these children into the community,” says Tim. “They put them into a stable family environment, back into education and give them hope for their future in the midst of this darkness that they live in.”
For more information about the ministry team in Durban visit:
Known as the galvanizing force that changed the face of worship and for its compelling live performances that took them into 23 countries last year alone, Delirious? speaks directly to the Church through The Mission Bell, releasing Dec. 26 on Sparrow Records. Delivering a call of action to all believers, there is a sense of urgency, a challenge to the Church to quit talking about what it believes and to take action with all it’s been given. American audiences will be witness to this sentiment as the band tours the U.S. in April.

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