Delirious? – Mission Bell Review

Delirious – Mission Bell, (Sparrow Records)
I am a new listener to Delirious? and though I had heard a couple of their songs before, this was the first album that I heard from beginning to end. This is their eighth album and I was expecting something I would listen to once, review and hand over to my 13-year-old. Let me just say it was not at all what I expected.
Delirious? has a great mix of styles. The group is from the UK and so it has that European flair. A great many parts remind me of U2 and even some Moody Blues, but they definitely have their own style as well. This group can rock hard but you will also enjoy their softer ballads. The lyrics are clear and strong and speak of the struggles that each of us face as Christians. “All This Time” calls on God’s power to help us be his witness to those who are watching. When they sing “my life’s a show on God’s TV” it helps remind us all that we live in a fish bowl as Christians and we need to be aware of what others view.
Many of their rockier songs are a strong battle cry to let us know we are on the front lines each and every day. “Paint the Town Red” declares, “We’ve got this leather backed book and a freedom cry.” Delirious? challenges us to walk the walk and not just use words.
Chris Blair at Abbey Road Studios mastered this CD, and others before. This was the famous Beatles Recording Studio. Chris Blair recently passed away and two of the band members (Martin and Stu) were asked to perform one of their songs in front of many non-Christian music industry people at the funeral. I am sure that it was a great witness to God and their faithfulness as Christians. They obviously made an impact on a fellow music industry friend. Moreover, I am sure many others.
Pick up a copy of Mission Bell especially if you have not been a fan of Delirious? before. This album will make you one.
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Dodie Greer is a freelance writer from Western New York. She works with kids and is a single mother of one. She has done interviews and reviews for publication for about 5 years. She also dabbles in play writing for her local church and is working on her first screenplay. You may contact her at:
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