Delirious? Calls Church to Action

Carrying on its tradition of globally relevant music, Delirious? returns with their new studio album, The Mission Bell, releasing Dec. 26 on Sparrow Records. Known as the galvanizing force that changed the face of worship and for its compelling live performances that took them into 23 countries last year alone, Delirious? speaks directly to the Church through The Mission Bell, delivering a call of action to all believers.
“What are we going to do with what we have been given?” asks Delirious? member Martin Smith. “We love what we do, but there’s gotta be more. We want to make a change. Surely, this whole God thing is not just for putting Christian records out. Surely, God has called us to higher things. It’s not enough to sit back and enjoy the ride, but to be sure of the ride we’re on.”

This is the shared vision of Smith, guitarist Stu G, keyboardist Tim Jupp, bassist Jon Thatcher and drummer Stew Smith, delivered in the vessel that is The Mission Bell. There is a sense of urgency, a challenge to the Church to quit talking about what it believes and to take action with all it’s been given. “I think there’s a lot of inspiration for people to get out of these songs,” says Stu G. “I think it’ll help some folks kind of work out their calling, work out what they’re supposed to be doing.”

And this message will resonate all over America as the band’s first stateside radio single from the recording, “Fires Burn,” hits the airwaves next month. “There aren’t many songs about the return of Jesus and it is a healthy reminder that heaven is the destination,” says Martin.

Sometimes the mission Delirious? shares also means tackling the difficult issues. In the album’s “Our God Reigns,” the band deals with the subject of social injustice, particularly A.I.D.S., abortion and the constant focus of Western culture on self-improvement and materialism, definitely not the usual subject matter for rock ’n’ roll, but something Martin felt was important to address. “All I had was the chorus when I started out, and I thought ‘Oh, fantastic, this is going to be another little church song that everyone will sing. That will be great.’ But I could not write any verses for it, and all of the sudden, these heavy lyrics came out,” Martin recalls.

The album also features the talents of well-known artist tobyMac on “Solid Rock,” a remake of the hymn, “On Christ the Solid Rock.” Additionally, The Mission Bell will be enhanced with a 12-minute behind the scenes video.

In anticipation of the December 26 release of The Mission Bell, Delirious? will be prepping American audiences by playing new music at four dates in California beginning tomorrow in Livermore (San Francisco). The band is also planning a US tour next April. For all the latest tour updates, go to

Despite playing for capacity crowds at venues worldwide, including stints with Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, and most recently in front of a million people in Germany for World Youth Day, and their recognition as an RIAA certified Gold selling band, Delirious? members believe the best is yet to come. It’s this desire to continue to up the ante that causes the band to maintain such revitalizing innovation in their music and message.

Regarded as the forerunners of the modern worship movement and known as one of the industries best live bands, the UK-based Delirious? currently has 10 songs on the CCLI chart and has written such international classics as “I Could Sing of Your Live Forever,” Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble” and “Shout To The North.”
Delirious? Pursues International Touring
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