David Crowder Band Sophomore Release

David Crowder Band, one of the most sought after bands on college campuses, is preparing to launch its sophomore sixsteps/Sparrow Records album, Illuminate, Sept. 16. Regarded as one of the most unique and talented singer/songwriters of today, David Crowder’s new album follows the band’s critically acclaimed and commercially successful debut, Can You Hear Us?
In addition to penning all of the songs for the new album, the band, for the first time, worked with noted producers: Charlie Peacock (dcTalk, Switchfoot) and Mitch Watkins (Joe Ely, Abra Moore), as well as Zach Lind of the Platinum-selling band Jimmy Eat World, perhaps best known for the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks No. 1 hit song, The Middle.
“Zach sent me an email telling us how he enjoyed our music,” remembers Crowder of his first introduction to Lind. “Having Jimmy Eat World’s new disc in heavy rotation on my CD player, I thought someone was playing a practical joke on me.”
In order to satisfy his curiosity, Crowder sent an email back to the suspected prankster posing questions that he believed only Zach would know. “Against all odds, it turned out to really be Zach! Since we were working on our new album, I thought, ‘why not go for broke and ask him to produce a song.’” After working out the logistical details in both bands’ busy schedules, Lind joined the David Crowder Band in the studio producing the song “How Great” featured on Illuminate.
“It was a true honor working with and getting to know the David Crowder Band,” says Lind. “What draws me to them is their honesty, insight and powerful music. In a sea of bands that all sound alike and say the same things over and over, this band stands out to me and speaks to me in a very real way. God is alive in what they do. Not only is their music amazing, but they are an amazing group of people and I truly treasure the three days I spent with them in helping them make a part of this fantastic record.”
Prior to the release of the new album, more than 20,000 college-age students at OneDay03 experienced live songs from Illuminate. Noted widely for their live performances, the David Crowder Band is also sharing new music and past hits at numerous festivals this summer, including DC/LA (Sacramento, CA 7/8 and Washington 7/17), Spirit West Coast (Monterey, CA 7/24), Creationfest West (George, WA 7/26), Kingdom Bound Festival (Darien Lake, NY 8/4) and more.
The band will also embark on a promotional tour beginning Sept. 15 in Waco, TX and travel through Texarkana, TX (9/16), Oklahoma City (9/17), Albuquerque (9/18), Phoenix (9/19), Los Angeles (9/20) and San Diego (9/21), as well as make special appearances at the Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention (9/26-27). The band will further be featured on the significant national Passion Experience Tour 2003 beginning Sept. 30 with label mates Chris Tomlin and Charlie Hall, among other artists and speakers.
More information on the David Crowder Band can be found at www.DavidCrowderBand.com, www.sixstepsrecords.com and www.sparrowrecords.com.
Founded in 2000 by Louie Giglio, sixstepsrecords (www.sixstepsrecords.com) is a young worship label and is a division of Choice Resources, the parent ministry for Passion Conferences. In addition to the David Crowder Band, sixstepsrecords artists include Chris Tomlin (Not To Us) and Charlie Hall (On The Road To Beautiful releases August 19). The label partners with Sparrow Records for marketing, sales and distribution operations.


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