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Dave Ramsey
Dec 31, 2009




Dear Dave,

My 16-year old daughter has a part-time job, and we make her put $40 from every paycheck into her savings account. She fusses about this every time. Do you think it’s wrong to force your children to save money?


Dear Debbie,

No, it’s not wrong. Make her save some money if you have to, because it’s for her own good.

Here’s the deal; teenagers are insane. They have these hormones rushing through their bodies, and their brains do not work. They’re going to fuss whether they have a reason or not. It’s our job as parents to be the only sanity in the room, and teach them to do smart things.

At that age she hasn’t earned the right to do stupid things with her money. When they get out on their own, they can do all the dumb stuff they want. But during these years they should learn how to handle money responsibly and according to your rules.

Sure, she’ll keep on fussing because that’s what teenagers are wired to do. But she’ll thank you when she’s 32 – about the time the hormones wear off.

- Dave


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