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Dave Ramsey
Oct 31, 2010




Dear Dave,

My teenage daughter, a minor, got a CaptialOne Teen card without my knowledge or permission. The card has been charged off and is in collections. I didn't think a minor could enter into a legal contract. What can I do?
Brian via email

Dear Brian,

You're right. A minor cannot enter into a legal contract. She is not legally bound, so they cannot legally collect from her.

The problem is that they can legally inform the credit bureaus that she borrowed the money and did not pay it back, so this will be a black mark on her credit rating for the rest of her life if she doesn't pay it or settle the debt. But understand this, Brian. Even though she is not TECHNICALLY liable, there's a MORAL responsibility here. She can also be held accountable for the bill she ran up via the credit bureau report.

In my mind, CapitalOne is scum for issuing these teen cards without parental permission. They're violating your parental rights and luring these kids into financial irresponsibility. If this were my child, I would call CapitalOne and absolutely unleash on those people.

- Dave

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