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Dave Ramsey
Mar 31, 2010




Dear Dave,

My wife and I are both 22-years old and have been thinking about going back to school. We work at a child development center, and our employer is willing to pay for nine credit hours per semester for each of us. If we take more than nine hours, they won't pay anything. We met with my parents this morning, and they think we should get student loans so we can take more hours if we want and finish our degrees faster. My parents have never been great with money, so that's their 'broke advice.' Now, we'd like yours.


Dear Jack,

Your parents don't mean any harm, and I'm sure they're good folks. But they�re just being normal, and normal is broke. They've probably been around student loans, car payments and credit cards all their lives, and that's sad. They want good things for you, but their advice is wrong.

I think you're very wise at 22-years old, and you've got a great opportunity staring you in the face where someone else is willing to pay for your degree. You couldn't take much more than nine hours per semester and still work a full-time job anyway - not and keep your sanity and your relationship with your wife intact.

That's certainly the way I would do things if the opportunity presented itself. Go back to school, let your boss pick up the check and NEVER take financial advice from broke people.

- Dave

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