Dating Do-Over by Wendy Lawton

Dating Do-Over is the fourth book of Wendy Lawton’s Real TV Series, inspired by the reality television programs she watches with her daughter. Lawton understands and draws the connection between a makeover and the need for the transformation we all long for, a real one from God.

Red-headed brainiac Bailey always ends up on the prom decorating committee, but for her senior year she wants a date with her secret crush Trevor. Her best friend Jenn steps in and helps change Bailey’s image, sometimes with disastrous results. Did she really kick Trevor in the jaw? Now he’ll never ask her to the prom.
Jenn’s twin brother Luke pulls some strings with the producers of the Dating Do-Over television show. They contact Bailey and invite her for a do-over. She’s delighted with the makeover results and her date to the prom.

In the end Bailey concludes that makeovers are great, with a new hairdo and clothes, but she also discovers the real transformation and the value of true friendship.
Wendy Lawton knows how to connect with teenagers. Almost anyone from 11-111 will enjoy Lawton’s books. Other books in the series include:

Book #1 – Changing Faces
Olivia O’Donnell is so dedicated to her daily planner to-do list that she neglects the care and keeping of friends and family. An invitation to the TV makeover show, Changing Faces, causes her to reexamine her motives and allow God to control her life. When Carter says she’s as beautiful inside as out, Olivia knows she’s gotten the makeover she needs and, in the process, found her real treasure.
Book #2 – Flip Flop
Even Briana’s best friend Chickie doesn’t know Bree’s awful secret—her father is an alcoholic. Any reader, especially children of alcoholics, will relate as Chicki finds out and signs the two of them up for the TV show Flip Flop. Will Bree’s father embarrass her in front of the whole world, or will she learn to trust God for her family’s makeover? Anything is possible with the help of Chickie’s family, the church, and the fact that Briana no longer holds any secrets.
Book #3 – Less is More
This book will inspire any reader who struggles with weight loss issues. Abby’s world explodes when her father dies and she and Mom live with Grandma Cece in California. Abby loves Cece’s rich food and the weight creeps on. Coach Mathews signs her up for the TV show Less is More, and she and Abby’s best friend Isabella help keep her on track. At the final weigh in, she’s attained her ideal weight, 125 pounds. She and Isabella have both grown in faith, too.
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