Darlene Zschech Calls Church to Action

With a name that is synonymous with the contemporary worship movement,Darlene Zschech prepares for the release of her second solo project, Change Your World, with INO Records on November 8. Produced by Zschech and David Holmes, Change Your World is composed of songs of worship, songs of encouragement along with a call to action for the body of Christ.
As an issues-oriented, empowered woman who is on a mission to change her own world, Zschech takes her multiple roles in life as a worship leader, songwriter, wife and mother of three daughters very seriously.
“I don’t take a minute of it for granted,” Zschech states. “I’m a very ordinary person, saved by grace and trying to serve God to the best of my ability, and I am very overwhelmed that I would be here today.”
Change Your World features 12 tracks that capture an array of uplifting topics with the title song encouraging others to impact a world filled with hurt, poverty and brokenness. Another hopeful song is “Never Give Up” that speaks to society’s “get it quick” mentality when life tells us that great things take time and hard work. Once again showcasing her modern day hymn-like songwriting skills are the songs “Call Upon His Name” and “You Are Here.” The project closes out with Zschech’s new arrangement of Michael W. Smith’s “Agnus Dei.”
“When it comes to expressing my heart for God through music and song, I understand more about listening to what my heart wants to say and also to what the church is longing to say,” Zschech comments. “Offering what needs to be said and what people want to say is a great responsibility, an amazing journey, and one that I completely treasure.”
Her upcoming project and the encompassing theme to impact the world was inspired by a trip last year taken by Zschech, her husband Mark and their two oldest daughters to Rwanda, Africa to visit their Compassion International sponsor children. As a result of their trip, they felt compelled to help bring healing to the hurt nation that suffered a horrific genocide in 1994 by initiating Hope: Rwanda 100 Days of Hope. The “100 Days of Hope” project is strategically coordinated to cover the same 100 days that saw more than one million people viciously slaughtered running from April 6-July 15, 2006 with the aim of seeing the church worldwide unite and bring the God-answer to the people of Rwanda (http://www.hoperwanda.org).
Darlene Zschech is known for composing “Shout to the Lord,” which has been recorded on more than 50 albums, and sung by an estimated 25-30 million churchgoers each week. Her sales exceed five million in the United States and worldwide sales more than 10 million with the 30 Hillsong Music Australia projects, along with three books she has penned on worship. As an advocate to help the hurting, Zschech is an Ambassador for Compassion International and heads up Mercy Ministries Australia with her husband. Zschech resides in Sydney with her three daughters, Amy, Chloe and Zoe while continuing to oversee a team of 800 volunteers at the Hillsong Church Worship & Creative Arts department as worship pastor.

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