Daniel’s Window to Get Christian Music Makeover

Season One of the Christian Music Makeover is underway, thanks to a partnership between Cross Driven Records, Nashville Publicity Group, and an unprecedented number of unique corporate sponsorships. Over the next six months, the Christian Music Makeover will introduce the band Daniel’s Window to the national marketplace “reality-TV style” via the interactive official website at www.ChristianMusicMakeover.com.
Part Extreme Makeover and part Making the Band, this unique promotional campaign capitalizes on the current pop-culture “reality” phenomenon, while allowing Christian music fans to directly interact with the band, monitor their transformation and should they choose to, implement their own personal “makeover”. The Christian Music Makeover will not only emphasize the physical, but the spiritual as well – a complete makeover, from the inside-out.
The band will undergo a physical, musical and spiritual makeover, while embarking on both personal and professional transformations. The physical makeover will include a MAC Cosmetics session for lead singer Heather King, weight loss programs for two of the band members courtesy of Jenny Craig, and individual fitness training with Natural Physiques personal trainer and author Jeremy Likness.
The musical makeover will include performance coaching with Tom Jackson, and new guitars for the entire band courtesy of Daisy Rock Guitars. Lead singer Heather King will have to learn how to play her guitar, with a goal of playing live at a Daniel’s Window concert by the end of the campaign.
The spiritual makeover includes an interactive online devotional with the band and a pending partnership with a major Bible publisher. Fans will also be invited to participate in a soon-to-be-announced service project coordinated by international relief organization Food For the Hungry.
Even the band’s tour bus will get a makeover, courtesy of youth-oriented retail chain Dry Ice, who is providing all new bedding, pillows, privacy curtains and youth-oriented decorations and toys for those long road trips.
Fans will also have the chance to win the same items and services used in the Makeover campaign, through exclusive contests and promotions at the site! Among the items that will be given away are free CDs, shopping sprees, Campus Life Magazine subscriptions and a brand new Daisy Rock guitar, personally autographed by the members of Daniel’s Window!
Numerous media partnerships are also in place, including campaign co-sponsor Campus Life Magazine, who will be providing exclusive content and coverage. Faith & Fitness Magazine will be providing fitness and nutritional content, and Christian music website CMCentral.com will be providing weekly re-cap coverage each Monday.
“The ‘reality’ phenomenon has taking America by storm, and we figured why leave out the Christian music industry,” says Cross Driven Records president Ryan Howard. “Daniel’s Window is a fantastic band and has the real potential to be one the industry’s best. Especially with the help of the great sponsors already involved, and the many more to come. Christian music fans – get ready for a transformation!” 
Strangely Looking Forward, the Cross Driven Records debut from Daniel’s Window, was released on November 2nd. The band will have an enhanced retail presence throughout the campaign, starting with Provident-Integrity Distribution’s “Winter of Rock” promotion, which runs January 18–February 28, 2005. The CD is featured in retail store displays alongside other popular Provident acts like BarlowGirl and 12 Stones.


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