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Daniel Kirkley was going to pursue a medical career but found his heart (God) pulling him in another direction, that of music. Lucky for us he followed that lead and the result is Let Love Win Daniel’s debut release on Centricity Records.
If you’ve listened to any Christian Radio recently you’ve probably already heard the first radio single from this release, “My New Dawn.” This song has quickly become a radio hit and in my opinion is one of those songs that you’ll still be hearing played ten or more years down the road.
“My New Dawn” has a rich piano and strings sound that really draws you in while Daniel’s smooth and passionate lyrics drive home the song’s subject of reaching that point in your life when you stop feeling trapped and see the light knowing that each new day brings new hope and a new beginning.
With an opening hit song like “My New Dawn” the other 10 songs found on this CD have some really big shoes to feel. Luckily for us they manage to hold their own. The songs deal with subjects that are much needed in today’s society: emotion, compassion, and hope.
The songs all fall into a contemporary meets classic pop style. Kirkley co- wrote several of the songs found on the release having help from other well-known Christian artist: Nicole Nordeman, Cindy Morgan, Mark Heimermann, and Chris Easton.
Let Love Win also had a stellar staff on the production side of things including Mark Hammond (Josh Grobin, Nicole Nordeman) and Matt Bronleewe (Chris Tomlin, Michael W. Smith).
This release really lets Daniel Kirkley’s pure vocal talents and passion for what he’s singing about shine through brightly. This is a really great clean sounding release that makes me know for sure that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Daniel and his music in the future.
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