Dancing Lights of Christmas 2020–the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The Dancing Lights of Christmas 2020 Disappoints While It Delights.

The last days before Christmas are here, and families are looking for something fun, festive and safe to do before Christmas in the middle of a pandemic. Here’s a tip: don’t go see The Dancing Lights of Christmas 2020 in Wilson County this close to Christmas. Sure, it’s festive and certainly you are pretty safe social distancing in your car, but we spent two hours waiting in a long line of cars that drove in endless loops try to get to the entrance to see 20 minutes or so of lights. That it is sure to get worse in the next few days.

Dancing Lights of Christmas 2020 — the Good

The displays are colorful and seasonal. There are plenty of Christmas trees as well as lighted candy canes, angels, snowmen, and even musical instrument to represent Music City. Dancing Lights also features a small nativity scene. There is also funky Christmas music if you tune into their special channel.

In your vehicles, you are almost certainly safe from COVID-19, which is why EVERYONE and their neighbors are already in line ahead of you to get in.

Dancing Lights of Christmas–The Bad

The wait is too long, and there is no Christmas cheer while you drive in loops hoping the next loop will maybe be the one that gets you to the gate. In fact, it almost seems like they deliberately hide the lights behind semi trucks, fences and barrels for the two hours or more you are desperately trying to glimpse some Christmas cheer. At some places they merged two lanes of cars, and we invariably fell further behind each time.

$25 dollars is a fair price if your car is full, but with Coronavirus, most cars had immediate families of two to four people. In addition, it is very tricky to take photos on those bumpy roads. Many of my photos were blurred by the movement of hitting bumpy spots.

Also, after you waited two hours or more to get in, there are lots of staff with flashlights to move you quickly through the lights once you actually get to them. You can’t stop to take a photo or enjoy a display.

It probably didn’t help that it is almost a one-hour drive to get there from some parts of Nashville. All in all, we spent almost 5 hours of our lives to see 25 minutes of lights for $25.

Prepare to see mile after mile of car headlights and taillights your first two hours at The Dancing Lights of Christmas

Dancing Lights of Christmas–The Ugly

In all honesty, there isn’t really anything ugly besides the long loops of circling cars, the bumpy roads, and the inability to stop to take good photos, but this close to Christmas it simply isn’t worth the cost of the tickets. Avoid Dancing Lights of Christmas this close to Christmas 2020 unless you can get there before they open at 5 or wait until after Christmas. They run through the first week of January.

Maybe next year will be better. Plan now to catch The Dancing Lights of Christmas 2021 earlier in the season. Hopefully there won’t be a pandemic to contend with.

Yet another endless loop at The Dancing Lights of Christmas

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