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A Mother’s Love

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> A mother’s love is a cherished treasure, One with value no one can measure. Unlike others, hers is a love that will last, A sincere love–demonstrated and steadfast. Before she ever cradles her child in her welcoming arms, She’s already determined to shield that one from all alarms. No sacrifice too great, no night too dark, and no road too long To ever keep her from the child to whom her heart does belong. For the rest…

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A Letter to Mom

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> Dear Mom, Thanks for the note. Your timing is impeccable. While driving to work this morning I wept over the state of our nation and our world. I repented for not confronting sin and for being so passive about the state of our world. My prayer was that I would “DO SOMETHING” about it. I have written some poetry and I’ve done a few other things but is that all He desires me to do? I want…

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You are Spring to me

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> I am a collector of quotes and little tidbits. While spring is in the air and most of us have probably tucked away our winter coats for good, I thought it appropriate to celebrate by sharing a few curious, little quotes from my journal. So, here goes it: The average pencil is 7 inches long, with just a half-inch eraser–in case you thought optimism was dead. -Robert Brault God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today….

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Celebrate Easter

How to celebrate Easter. Easter is the most important celebration for our faith and if we are not careful it can easily get swept away and diverted by the world’s commercial market and tradition. In our Christian walk, we have to face the fact that we are “in the world”… but not “of the world.” Being different and set apart does not mean being legalistic, arrogant, pious or self-righteous. Statements of faith should lie within the footstep behind us and…

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Hollow Bunny

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> Did you ever bite into a chocolate bunny only to discover that is was hollow — what a disappointment! All set for a mouth full of chocolate but ended up with a sparse bite of flavor! This hollow bunny is a great representation of Easter without Christ! You take Him out of the celebration and you end up with an empty holiday, decorated with all of the frills but void of meaning and as hollow as the…

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Three Days to Glory

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> Friday, three days prior; The Son was scourged and bleeding. Sunday, when He rose again- A spotless Lamb proceeded. Friday, three days prior; The Son had cried: �forsaken?� Sunday, when He rose again- The keys of hell were taken. Friday, three days prior; The Son of God was dead. Sunday, when He rose again- Trembling demons fled. Friday, three days prior; The Son was laid to rest. Sunday, when He rose again- He bore a Royal Crest….

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Looking Toward The Cross

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> A Little Boy knelt to pick Some splinters from the floor, Then ran to show His parents kind Before He stooped for more. A Young Man toiled throughout the day In Joseph’s hardwood shop, His fingers light upon the wood, “Too soon?” He thought it not. And as He left His parents’ home To gather up the twelve, Into the Heavenly Father’s will His mind began to delve. The young Messiah for three years Did walk the…

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More Easter Poems

The Easter season is  a special time for believers in Jesus Christ as we celebrate his resurrection from the dead. Following are some Easter poems that remember and honor Christ’s victory over the grave. Easter Poems Thrice, Upon the Lamb “For He made Him, who knew no sin”,to be sin for our sake.The Lamb of God though sinless,bore three cruel iron stakes.The first stake pierced His blessed handonce crippled, now complete.The Lamb of God laid down His life,and thus, made…

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Lilly’s Bloom

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> How great is the reason Of the Easter lily’s bloom Trumpet shaped and bold, Aimed all about my room It blooms and knows the reason, Never late or too soon It truly knows the season For Christ has risen from the tomb I pray that like the lily’s season Easter blooming, from season’s start I truly know the reason To let Jesus into my heartReturn to our poetry section at: Christian Poets Pen Christian poets are also…

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The Believer’s Power Source

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> Easter – I cannot get enough of this holiday! My spirit is filled with delight, gratitude and an overwhelming urgency! I know that opportunity is popping out everywhere, from my personal walk to evangelical possibilities! Easter is a day of renewal for me! For the obvious reason, spring. It brings a “newness” to your day. Waking up to sunshine and longer daylight hours! More important though, is the celebration that reminds me what my God did for…

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