Daily Bread

And the Banner Yet Waves

Staring at a flag, half-mast, I pondered what it could mean. All the beautiful colors, Such an elegant scene. Why does this banner yet wave, Over this land of the free, This home of the brave? A loaded gun in hand. One way to become a man. The enemy he has killed, For freedom to be revealed. A friend or two he has lost, What a tragic, tearful cost. The night, it draws to a close. Yet the fighting rages…

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The first Father

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> When Richelle was 2 years old she was out for the day with her dad running errands. The bank, post office and dry cleaners had conveniently been drive thru, which allowed Richelle to color on her portable art set with crayons. The last objective before home was to stop at the nearby Farm Crest for a fill up, a gallon of milk and a block of cheddar cheese. When they pulled up to the pump, Randy got…

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Rounding Third

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> My son Aedan just got called in from the outfield to practice batting. He has a batting helmet on; he has his bat. His knees are bent; he’s leaning over the plate, and his bat is poised over his shoulder but not resting on his shoulder, never that. Three swings so far. A fourth pitch from the coach, and he finally makes contact. The ball rolls past second base. If it were a game it would’ve been…

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When We Don’t Feel Ideal

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> This year, as in the past, many women (including me!) may slip a little lower in the pew if the minister reads Proverbs 31 on Mother’s Day. While we long to be an ideal wife and mother, the truth is, most of us fall far short of the woman portrayed in those verses. That woman is well respected and praised by her husband, her children, and the community. She runs an efficient home and business, provides every…

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A Mother’s Love

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> A mother’s love is a cherished treasure, One with value no one can measure. Unlike others, hers is a love that will last, A sincere love–demonstrated and steadfast. Before she ever cradles her child in her welcoming arms, She’s already determined to shield that one from all alarms. No sacrifice too great, no night too dark, and no road too long To ever keep her from the child to whom her heart does belong. For the rest…

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A Letter to Mom

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> Dear Mom, Thanks for the note. Your timing is impeccable. While driving to work this morning I wept over the state of our nation and our world. I repented for not confronting sin and for being so passive about the state of our world. My prayer was that I would “DO SOMETHING” about it. I have written some poetry and I’ve done a few other things but is that all He desires me to do? I want…

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My Easter Prayer & Reflection

Once again we come to the time of the year when we celebrate and pay honor to our Father for sending his son to die for us. Easter is a time of remembrance, a time of emotion, a time of praise for the gift given to each and every one of us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is also a fitting time for an Easter prayer. God sent his only son to walk on this earth to…

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You are Spring to me

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> I am a collector of quotes and little tidbits. While spring is in the air and most of us have probably tucked away our winter coats for good, I thought it appropriate to celebrate by sharing a few curious, little quotes from my journal. So, here goes it: The average pencil is 7 inches long, with just a half-inch eraser–in case you thought optimism was dead. -Robert Brault God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today….

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Celebrate Easter

Easter is the most important celebration for our faith and if we are not careful it can easily get swept away and diverted by the world’s commercial market and tradition. In our Christian walk, we have to face the fact that we are “in the world”… but not “of the world.” Being different and set apart does not mean being legalistic, arrogant, pious or self-righteous. Statements of faith should lie within the footstep behind us and also within in our…

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Hollow Bunny

Web www.christianactivities.com //–> Did you ever bite into a chocolate bunny only to discover that is was hollow — what a disappointment! All set for a mouth full of chocolate but ended up with a sparse bite of flavor! This hollow bunny is a great representation of Easter without Christ! You take Him out of the celebration and you end up with an empty holiday, decorated with all of the frills but void of meaning and as hollow as the…

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