CWA’s Synopsis on State of the Union Address

Concerned Women for America’s (CWA’s) Dr. Janice Crouse released a synopsis of President Bush’s State of the Union Address, which he delivered to the nation last night.
Dr. Crouse serves as CWA’s Senior Fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute. Her experience as a presidential speechwriter during the first President Bush’s administration enriched her academic specialty in presidential rhetoric from the State University of New York in Buffalo (SUNYAB). Dr. Crouse has authored scholarly papers and presented research on presidential rhetoric at scholarly meetings.
Crouse said, “His recurring theme –– there are no ‘alternatives to American leadership’ ––framed his case that the war on terrorism, surveillance of suspected terrorists and the advance of democracy are essential in ‘freedom’s cause.’ The President checked off items from his laundry list of programs and initiatives without meandering far from his theme that America must lead the world by shaping the present and the future. The President nailed his powerful conclusion about renewing the nation’s defining moral commitments.”
Crouse continued, “But he was a bit too conciliatory. He skated carefully around key domestic issues, couching them merely as concerns and challenges that confront a hopeful nation.”
Dr. Crouse’s expert symposium on the State of the Union Address is found on National Review Online. Dr. Crouse also provided commentary to Focus on the Family’s Citizen at

Concerned Women for America (CWA) is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.


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