CWA Salutes Pro-Family People of Texas, Maine

Concerned Women for America (CWA) is proud of the people of Texas for voting to protect and preserve the institution of marriage, despite deception and misrepresentation by the opposition. In a landslide vote of 76% (based on 78.88% precincts reported) Texas sent a strong message that they will stand for traditional marriage.
“Most Texans are down-to-earth folks, which is why the attempt to fool them into thinking a marriage protection amendment was actually a threat to marriage didn’t wash,” said Robert Knight, Director of CWA’s Culture & Family Institute. “The snake oil salesmen who came up with that tall tale ought to move on to more congenial environs, say, to Cambridge, Massachusetts, or Santa Cruz, California.”
“It is despicable that a campaign that supports gay marriage would misrepresent itself as though they were concerned that the amendment would not protect marriage,” said Michael Bowman, CWA’s Director of State Legislative Relations. “Using a tape-recorded message from someone claiming to be a pastor stating he wanted to protect traditional marriage was not only deceptive, it was a lie. Nowhere has the opposition said that it opposes ‘gay marriage.'”
“Texans have acted to protect the sanctity of marriage in Texas,” commented Pat Hanson, Area Director for CWA of Texas-South. “Marriage is the first and basic institution of society. We are pleased that the people of Texas have joined the other 18 states in voting to preserve this unique institution.”
“Texas’ amendment short circuits liberal groups from hi-jacking traditional marriage and morphing it into a hodgepodge of relationships used only for the benefit of their agenda,” said Ann Hettinger, Area Director for CWA of Texas-North.
Texas is the 19th state to pass a constitutional amendment to protect marriage and the 12th to ban the recognition of civil unions and other marriage counterfeits. In 2006, we expect several more states to pass constitutional amendments to protect marriage. Among those states slated to vote next year are Alabama, South Carolina, South Dakota and Tennessee.
CWA is grateful to voters in Texas for taking a stand for marriage, and for all the hard work CWA of Texas has put into this important legislation.
CWA also applauds the pro-family people of Maine who worked tirelessly in an unsuccessful effort to pass a third straight “People’s Veto” of the “gay rights” law imposed by the legislature and governor.
“Homosexual activists poured in resources from out of state, engaged in smear tactics and were aided by a media that routinely engaged in character assassination,” said Robert Knight, a Maine native and Director of CWA’s Culture & Family Institute. “The pro-family people were outspent by more than 10 to 1, saw hundreds of yard signs ripped up, and generally were under siege. But having fought the good fight and done all they could, they can hold their heads high.
“This setback means that Mainers must gird themselves for the next assault, which will be on marriage. Homosexual activists hope to force the Pine Tree State to issue counterfeit marriage licenses like Massachusetts is already doing.”
Maine voters rose up twice – in 1998 and again in 2000 – to pass a “People’s Veto” to overturn “gay rights” laws passed by the legislature and backed by the governor.
“This time around, the activists threw the kitchen sink at them, and it finally worked. But Maine’s pro-family movement is as strong as ever, and they’ll continue to work for sound public policy,” Knight said.
“I’m proud to have worked with such wonderful people in this campaign,” said Charla Bansley, State Director for CWA of Maine. “Maine’s pro-family groups led by the Christian Civic League, the Coalition for Marriage and Maine Grassroots Coalition never wavered.”
“Maine and the nation owe a lot to Mike Heath of the Civic League, Sandy Williams of the Coalition for Marriage, and Paul Madore of the Maine Grassroots Coalition, and all their volunteers,” Knight added. “Without their dedication, sacrifice and integrity, Maine would have knuckled under without a whimper. I think the other side knows they are not going to go away. They’re in it for the long haul.”
Concerned Women for America (CWA) is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.
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