Cure for the Common Life: Living in Your Sweet Spot

Max Lucado has written an excellent book to help Christians learn whom God has created them to be. This is no cookie-cutter, formula approach to Christianity. Lucado helps readers recognize God has given all of us unique assignments and skills to meet particular assignments. He reminds us that God gave us our specific sets of skills and desires because God has plans for us.
I like the way Lucado balanced the discussion between our need to find our gifts and talents – and the need for us to use those gifts for the Lord also. He didn’t focus on just finding the gifts for our own use or spending all of our time serving the Lord. He stressed the need for both and then shows how we can use this new understanding every day of our lives.
The first portion of the book is laced with stories and anecdotes to help readers understand the principles that are being taught. I found myself laughing several times and yet each story helped me understand the concept Lucado was presenting. For example, when the author shared about the time he grabbed his luggage from the airport carousel because it was an excellent example of how we often try to live our lives as if we had the same skills and motivations as others around us. Lucado’s example showed how God has made each of us different and we can’t function as well when we try to mimic the gifts others have.
The last portion of the book is a “Sweet Spot Discovery Guide” by People Management International, Inc. and Steve Halliday. It is filled with practical exercises to help you discover yourself as you reflect upon experiences from your past. I would encourage readers to have a notebook handy for their notes as I know that I needed more space for my insights.
If you struggle to understand what to do with your life or if you know someone who is struggling – I encourage you to get this book and read through it.


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