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Rendezvous is the debut release from the new label, Consuming Worship. On it you’ll find 10 original songs written by worship leaders, both male and female, from across the country.
The CD was inspired by the weekly small group Bible study by Frank Moore, Rendezvous: A Sacred Encounter with God.

Musically Rendezvous is a mixture of several different styles with the main focus on the lyrics. “Songs and writers were chosen for the album based upon their focus – we wanted songwriters and songs that were concentrated on the church and the worshipper,” explains Consuming Worship Managing Principal Tim Curtis. “These are the songs the church needs to sing, stories that need to be told and lyrics that cry to be experienced again and again.”
With its variety of musical styles everyone in the family should find songs on it to their liking. Songs like, “Worthy To Be Blessed,” and “I Thank the Lord for You,” are more traditional in style. For the family member looking for something with a little bit more kick to it songs like, “Oxygen,” and “Psalm 30” should satisfy your needs. If you like your worship music with a soulful R&B groove, then you’ll enjoy the last track on the CD, “Blessed Be.”
The most touching song found on Rendezvous is track-7, “I Stand Still,” with words and music by Tim Timmons. The song deals with having to face really tough situations. Those times when it seems like your whole world is falling apart and you wonder why God is making you deal with so many different bad things.
In the song those bad things include, a call from a close friend telling about his wife suddenly leaving him, followed by a phone call saying that a little boy who you had been praying about for over 2 years had passed away due to his bone disease. That’s a lot for anyone to have to deal with but add on top of that the fact that you where diagnosed a few years before with an incurable cancer. All of this brings the songwriter to a place of wrestling with God, trying to find just what his purpose is in God’s greater plan. The story found in the song ends with the person finding a greater sense of hope in the mysteriously sovereign goodness of God.
Consuming Worship’s Rendezvous features a lot of well-done worship music filled with stellar lyrics.
Also keep an eye out for an hour-long television special featuring, in the round, style of worship performances along with commentary from the recording’s songwriters and musicians that will be coming this fall on Christian network TV.
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