Conservatives, Christians, More Move to Social Networks USA.Life & Parler

Conservatives, Christians, Trump Supporters & Others Move to New Social Networks USA.Life and Parler

Conservatives, Christians, family-friendly networkers and supporters of President Trump are joining the new USA.Life and Parler social networks in record numbers, because of Facebook, Twitter and Reddit censoring or banning President Trump followers. USA.Life is the answer to left-leaning Facebook, and Parler is the free-speech option to heavy-handed Twitter.

Why Move to USA.Life?

“Conservatives see the need to speak freely, rally together, and protect the 2020 election, because they are being blocked online,” said USA.Life CEO Steven Andrew. “Project Veritas exposed Facebook moderators censoring President Trump supporters and Reddit banned ‘The_Donald’ community,” Andrew said. USA.Life describes itself as the “conservative Facebook alternative” and “the #1 pro-America community.”

“Our freedom, rights, and nation are at stake, so conservatives understand the urgency to save America,” Andrew said. “That is why people are signing up quickly for USA.Life.

“Facebook has left-wing values, but USA.Life has American values,” Andrew said. “After I spent thousands of dollars advertising on Facebook, they blocked 5 million people per month from me by shadowbanning me, and then they blocked my account. It is unwise for a conservative to stay on Facebook.”

On USA.Life, much like on Facebook, people connect with those important to them. Individuals, families, businesses, and churches share photos, updates, news, videos, and messages, and join groups. A popular feature on USA.Life is the American Flag reaction for “Patriotic.”

Why Make the Move to Parler?

Those who have flown the Twitter coop and flocked to Parler Free Speech Social Network tell a similar story of shadow banning, deleted followers, and censored posts on Twitter. On Parler they “Parley” their own posts and vote up posts they like. Members can also “echo” posts they like, Parler’s version of a retweet.

Parler CEO John Matze promotes Parler as “the platform that social media should have been when it was originated.” Matze has been critical of other social media platforms that censor content as “acting more like publications rather than a community forum.”

Donald Trump supporter David Clarke Jr. joined Parler in March 2020 after Twitter deleted several of his tweets about coronavirus which Twitter censored as “disinformation. Many more conservative media and political figures joined Parler in June 2020, including Donald Trump Jr., Dan Bongino, Rudy Giuliani, Katie Hopkins, Alex Jones, Ted Cruz and Christian Activities publisher, Kathryn Darden.

“President Trump supporters feel encouraged on USA.Life in these challenging times,” Andrew said. There are also cooking recipes, groups, news, politics, funny dogs and cats, and more. “If conservatives want freedom, they should join USA.Life where they can rally together today before it is too late to save the nation,” Andrew said.

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What Is USA.Life?

USA.Life is the conservative alternative to Facebook and the #1 pro-America community. To connect with people, groups, businesses, and churches, everyone gets a free account at www.USA.Life.

What Is Parler?

Parler is an unbiased social media alternative to Twitter focused on real user experiences and engagement launched in August 2018. Parler encourages free expression without censorship. Join for free at

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  1. Looks like the Christian Right hypocrites are the issue. Take your conspiracy theories, racism, homophobia to your own website. Have fun living in pretend Trumpland, fascists!!

    Reminder: Trump lost!!

    • Lol. Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed. So, you are name calling because we reported that conservatives and Christians have chosen a different social network from ones controlled by Democrats where conservatives and Christians are blocked and censored? That’s how you define “racist?” That’s the problem with the education system today. People don’t get educated.

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