Concerned Women Commends FCC

Concerned Women for America (CWA) commends the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for taking a stand for family values and announcing its support for cable companies to offer individual channel subscriptions, rather than forcing customers to purchase unwanted channels in pre-packaged bundles.
“This announcement by FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is music to the ears of parents across America,” said Lanier Swann, CWA’s Director of Government Relations. “The option of having cable choice puts power back into the hands of those who matter most: the American consumer.”
The majority of Americans are unhappy with the current cable system. A poll conducted by CWA showed that 80 percent of Americans disagree with the way the cable tier-pricing system currently functions, and 62 percent said they would prefer to choose cable programming for themselves. Cable consumers on average watch only 12 to 15 channels regularly, but pay for 50-75 channels for basic cable packages, and more than 200 channels for digital cable packages. The majority of Americans do not get their money’s worth, not even close.
Not only would cable choice empower parents, but it would allow viewers to have control over their cable bill, and not financially support channels that might be offensive to them.
“The American people are fed-up with paying for somebody else’s choice,” said Jan LaRue, CWA’s Chief Counsel. “Cable customers want to choose what they pay for and nothing else. Having to block out programming you pay for is no choice–it’s a rip-off. We don’t pay for food we don’t want to eat. We don’t pay for magazines we don’t want to read. And we’re not remotely interested in paying for programs we don’t want to watch.”
Concerned Women for America (CWA) is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.

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