Coming Up to Breathe–MercyMe

Coming Up to Breathe – MercyMe (INO)
When something works really well, you usually don’t try to mess with it. Deciding to return to their rock roots, and craft something that represents them more for who they are artistically, the band finds themselves abandoning their familiar sound (for the most part) to produce what is found on Coming Up to Breathe. Produced by the legendary Brown Bannister, the disc’s thirteen tracks find the band flaunting a grittier, rock-flavored edge on most tracks, but don’t fret because there are a few ballads thrown in as well.
The songs featured on the disc cover a vast array of subjects, with the most prevailing being that of trusting wholly in God to get us through those rough patches life throws at us. Fueling most of the lyrics on Breathe are the many trials the band has had to deal with of late; most notably the loss of loved ones. Besides the first single “So Long Self” (with it’s catchy chorus) and the southern-flavored “One Trick Pony”, the CD’s two best tracks are “Hold Fast” and “Bring The Rain.” The powerhouse “Hold Fast”, full of orchestral strings and sonic guitar, serves as a reminder to hold onto Christ through those tough times life deals you. On that same thought track, “Bring The Rain” expands by showing us that everything we’re dealt is an opportunity to praise God (both good and bad). Other highlights on the CD include the U2-sounding “Something About You” and “You’re to Blame”, a love song written for the member’s wives. While Bart admits it’s clearly for the wives, it can also be looked at as a vertical expression of love.

“Coming Up To Breathe” is an invigorating breath of fresh air both musically and lyrically, and is sure to please fans old and new alike. Clearly the band’s best effort to date, the disc shows why the band is one of CCM’s biggest names. This is the must-have CD of the year. Enjoy!

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