College Students Walks Across America


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May 25, 2006

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For the 12th consecutive summer, Crossroads, a group comprised of students from over 30 colleges and universities from all around the country, is conducting three 3,200-mile walks across America, from the west coast to the east coast – to promote the value of all human life, especially defenseless unborn baby boys and girls in the womb.

“There is a lot of anticipation and excitement,” said Miriam Stella, a volunteer walker from Belmont Abbey College. “We all believe strongly in what we are doing and we know that establishing a culture of life is something that begins at the grass-roots level. It doesn’t get more grass-roots than walking across America, town by town, mile by mile.”

The three-month journeys began this past weekend in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and will conclude together on August 12th at the steps of the United States Capitol Building.

“Crossroads was founded as a response to the late Pope John Paul’s call to the youth of America to take the Gospel of Life into the streets,” said Dave Kelch, the central walk leader from West Virginia University. “Every summer since 1995, young people like us have taken this challenge literally and crossed our great country one step at a time.”

Combined, the walks will cover over 9,600 miles, walk through 31 states, and encounter millions of Americans along the way, including an estimated 250,000 people in churches alone this summer.

By this coming weekend, each walk will have covered nearly 250 miles, placing them in Spokane, Sacramento, and San Bernardino, respectively, where speaking engagements at churches and to youth have been planned months in advance.

“Life issues are considered by many to be taboo, but we have found that most people, at the very least, respect the moral courage it takes to stand up for what you believe in rather than recoiling from difficult topics,” said Martha Nolan, director of Crossroads. “We are not trying to force our values on anyone. We have a very simple message about the sanctity of life, and we have listened patiently to the other side. Now it is our turn to be heard.”

For more information on Crossroads, please contact Martha Nolan at (800) 353-8817.

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