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Ipse Dixit Christian Community Theatre Christmas Production

Ipse Dixit’s Christmas Production * Four Wise Women and a Man * Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee Ipse Dixit Choirand other Christmas Hymns * “The Searchers”, A Dramatic Comedy Why does it take a certain wise woman so long in the oasis restroom? Because at every stop she reads a sign which says “clean restroom,” and according to her it takes about half an hour if she’s going to do a really good job of cleaning it! The Searchers is…

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Romeo & Juliet at TPAC

Romeo & Juliet should not be a difficult play to present…but it is. Remarkably difficult. It is not that the plot is too convoluted; Hamlet, in its original form, is much more confusing. It is not that the language is an insurmountable barrier; Henry V is richer in the lofty phrases of Elizabethan English. It is not even that it is a tragedy of mythological proportions; MacBeth does a better job of exploring the tragic flaws that drive men and…

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‘LEFT BEHIND: THE MOVIE’ Early Release Stirs Controversy

‘LEFT BEHIND: THE MOVIE’ EARLY RELEASE STIRS CONTROVERSY Christian retailers voiced concerns that Cloud Ten Pictures told large Christian ministries they would have a 30-days advance selling prior to the video’s Oct. 31 Christian-market release. Retailers believed they would have a 30-day advanced selling period before the general-market release. Some retailers invested in local video premieres and/or stocked heavily only to find TV evangelists who invested in film production already selling it and to see general-market ads for Oct. 31…

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The Oath

Best-selling novelist Frank Peretti’s “The Oath” comes to life on stage Halloween weekend at Grace Church of the Nazarene, 2620 Pennington Bend Road in Nashville. Adapted from the novel to the stage by local writer and director Gary Lide, the play features sin, mayhem and murder- elements not often witnessed in church. “This play is not like any other you’ve seen in a church before,” Lide says. “This is a horror play. Less than half of the characters survive to…

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Left Behind Review by Ted Baehr

LEFT BEHIND, The Movie ©2000 Dr. Ted Baehr LEFT BEHIND is the best movie made so far in the apocalyptic genre and has been crafted with a very careful, deft touch. It involves the audience in the storyline of the people. Kirk Cameron’s vulnerability, though unlike the Buck of the book, makes the movie much more compelling. He is an everyman caught in circumstances beyond his control. The characters are well drawn. LEFT BEHIND presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ…

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“Death, be not proud, though some have callèd thee Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;” John Donne Wit, on the surface, is a straight-forward play about one woman’s battle with cancer – insidious advanced metastatic ovarian cancer, to be exact. It is a tragi-comedy of sorts. As the lead character, Vivian Bearing, Ph.D. (Tandy Cronyn), informs the audience during her first monologue, “I think I die in the end.” For the next 90+ intermissionless minutes the audience is…

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Mercy Streets A Great Halloween Alternative

Halloween will see two different approaches to film marketing as Providence Entertainment, the movie distributor and marketer responsible for bringing last year’s sleeper hit, The Omega Code, to theaters and to national notoriety, has elected to open its newest film on Halloween, October 31. Mercy Streets, produced by Signal Hill Pictures, stars David White, Eric Roberts, Stacy Keach, Lawrence “L.T” Taylor, Shiek Mahmud-Bey, Cynthia Watros and Robert La Sardo. The film is directed by Jon Gunn. The soundtrack CD is…

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Ipse Dixit Leaves Mall

Ipse Dixit Leaves The Shoppes @ River Rock Mall Ipse Dixit Christian Community has been asked by the management of The Shoppes @ River Rock to find a new location by Oct. 1, 2000.“This is exactly what we hoped would not happen,” says the Ministry Team, “but God never closes a door without opening a window and we are trusting Jehovah-jireh to meet the needs of this ministry.”“We will have auditions at the mall for the Christmas Production on Saturday,…

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As You Like It: Shakespeare In The Park

A man of the world who, notoriously or not, was one of the translators of the Bible for King James is the subject here. In most of his plays that have transcended the ages almost as well as Bible literature, he uses scripture passages very often biblical themes, and varying degrees of Christian characters. William Shakespeare knew Scripture well enough to finesse it into his playwriting. He had a grand sweeping view relating wide experiences of life. His sonnets reveal…

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