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Providence Ent. to Launch Extremedays September 28

Providence Entertainment has announced the cutting edge, extreme sports feature, Extremedays, will be released nationally on September 28, 2001. Extremedays is produced by TruthSoulArmor in conjunction with Howard Kazanjian (producer of Return of the Jedi, Raiders of the Lost Ark and other blockbusters) and is directed by Eric Hannah. Originally set for an April release, the opening date was moved to late September to afford the film stronger marketing initiatives and alliances. The later date allows Providence enhanced leverage with…

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Carman Stars in “Carman: The Champion”

8X Entertainment presents “Carman: The Champion” as its first follow up to “The Omega Code,” the #1 limited release film of 1999. Notwithstading the movie’s somewhat confusing title, Carman doesn’t play himself. “Carman: The Champion” is the story of Orlando Leone, a former Cruiserweight Champion turned preacher who is black-mailed back into the ring to save his father’s dream of creating an inner city youth center. More than this, “Carman: The Champion” is a story of faith, perseverance and integrity….

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Great Expectations

Contrary to popular belief, Proctor & Gamble did not invent the soap opera. The genre was alive and well at least a century and a half ago, and propagated by the likes of such muckraking novelists as Charles Dickens. Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickleby, A Tale of Two Cities, The Old Curiosity Shop – Dickens created a world of sharply divided classes, peopled by arch-typical heroes and villains, with plots thick enough to put Aaron Spelling to shame. From the idle…

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Carman’s The Champion Set for Release

CARMAN: THE CHAMPION: The major Christian motion picture, is a first for gospel singer and evangelist Carman, and is produced by Gener8Xion Entertainment. Presently, the Carman film is scheduled open in nearly 100 cities on March 2, 2001. The home video release, from GoodTimes Entertainment, is set for a May 8, 2001 street date. RELATED LINKS & STORIES: The Rock Still Stands Carman Tapes 4th of July Special Carman Talks About His Patriotic Song-Red, White and Blue Carman Stars in…

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Kirk Cameron Won’t Be Left Behind

During the “Left Behind” concert tour in January of this year, Kirk Cameron shared his testimony with the capacity crowd at the People’s Church in Franklin, Tennessee. Cameron began by revealing his feelings of deep loneliness, even during his successful stint on “Growing Pains.” Kirk said that much like the character Buck Williams whom he plays in the movie, he discovered how much he needed Christ in his life. Through a friend Kirk came to know God. “He said, ‘Kirk,…

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Left Behind Surges Ahead in Nashville

When Tim Lehaye and Jerry Jenkins decided to collaborate on a series of books about the end times, little did they know how broad the scope of their work would go. Their first book, Left Behind was a hit, and each successive book brought in more readers and more attention as millions of people began to get caught up in the plot. Now the hit book has not only continued as a series, but has also spawned a full-blown movie,…

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Left Behind Tour Comes to Franklin

The Left Behind Tour brought some of Christian music’s best-loved veterans as well as some of its most promising newcomers to the stage of the People’s Church in Franklin in January. Interspersing scenes from the movie with songs by the artists, it was a high-tech evening. Kicking off with the high stepping girls from Shine along with blue-eyed soulster Bryan Duncan, the theme song for Left Behind was wailed out danced to and laser-lighted into our brains. A week later…

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‘HOMETOWN LEGEND’ (Jenkins Entertainment) will release in theaters January 25, 2001 in select cities in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Find cities and theaters near you at http://hometownlegend.  307 total views,  2 views today

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Will ‘Left Behind’ — The Movie Be at a Theater Near You Feb. 2nd?

LEFT BEHIND – The most anticipated movie in Christian filmmakinghistory will hit theaters all across North America on February 2nd, but it will only happen with your help. Because it is considered a religious film, there is resistance to putting it on enough screens. Please join me by going to and showing your support. This is the single project that can literally burst the doors to Hollywoodwide open. Left Behind-The Movie is a ONCE IN A GENERATION OPPORTUNITY to…

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Camelot at TPAC

The tale of Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table is an old one. It is a tale of faith and magic; of intrigue and integrity; loyalty and betrayal; of falling from grace and the possibility of redemption. At its heart it is the story of Man. Camelot, the Lerner & Lowe Broadway musical based on T.H. White’s bestseller, The Once And Future King, set the legend to music, giving us knights in shining armor and fair damsels who…

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