Cinco de Mayo Spotlight on Motivo

Over the past seven years, the San Diego based Motivo has been playing their own brand of Latin-inspired pop throughout the US and Mexico. Even before they had garnered any major label or media attention, the band had performed at many large events such as Expolit in Miami and the Gospel Music Association conventions under the name 180. Earlier this year, the band signed a deal with Crowne Music and changed their name to Motivo.
“Since the beginning, we have made it a huge point to keep why we are making music front and center in our minds. We never want our motives to be different than what they were in the beginning – and that is to make cool music that provides a life-changing message. Our name Motivo is Spanish for ‘motive.’ Our name keeps us accountable to that goal,” states Jorge Valdez, vocalist and rhythm guitar player for the group. “We want to make music that can impact your life.”
How does a band that has eight members from California, New Jersey, Argentina, and Mexico get together?Simply by a chance meeting of Jorge and Isaac Dominguez when Isaac was touring through El Paso. The two became friends and a few years later, when Jorge moved to San Diego, he decided to give Isaac a call. Instantly, Isaac enlisted Jorge to lead worship at a youth event, and the rest is pretty much history. One by one the core band members came together, each with the commitment and passion for reaching the lost for Christ through music.
Recording began this spring on their new album, which released last fall on Crowne Music Group. The cast of people who stepped up to work on the project is staggering. Buster and Shavoni (Destiny’s Child, Kirk Franklin), Tommy Simms (Bruce Springstein, Eric Clapton), Javier Solis (Jaci Velasquez), Gerry Enriquez (Jaci Velasquez), Kiko Cibrian (Luis Miguel) and David Byerley (Andre Crouch) all have added their own special flair to the project, guiding the band through the challenging process of recording. Recording took place in Nashville, Los Angeles, and the band’s hometown, San Diego.
“The album has really come together, and how could it not with the amazing talent that is working with us! I think that it has a great cross-section of styles that really define who we are musically. There is a little R&B in there, a little pop and definitely some Latin. It’s definitely turning out to be more than we ever imagined,” Jorge explains. Since their start, Motivo has been dedicated to combining artistry with music that can reach both an English and Hispanic audience. Each band member feels close ties personally to Latin culture, four of which have lived outside the US. Jorge continues, “We feel called to minister not only to the church, but to make an impact with those who don’t know God. We try to combine English and Spanish, American and Latin musical influences to create songs that are accessible to both Christian and general audiences. We hope that what we do will motivate people to dig deep, discover a relationship with Christ and boldly let Him work in them. That’s what it’s all about.”
Jorge Valdez – Vocals, guitar
Lily Valdez – Background vocals
Isaac Dominguez – Bass
Danny Barragan Jr. – Drums
Francisco Cuevas – Keyboards, background vocals
Gama Dominguez – Percussion
Diego Cuevas – Guitars
Luis Borrayo – Background vocals


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