Cinco de Mayo Spotlight on Latin Christian Music



At GMA Week this year, I went down to San Antonio Taco Company for the Annual Fiesta. The end
of Commerce was blocked off and a stage had been set up at the corner of Commerce and 2nd with
multicolor lights strung everywhere. Even from the hotel two long blocks away, I could hear the
unmistakable Salsa beat and I wondered, “When did GMA go Latin?”
The answer is, Latin categories were added to the Dove Awards in 1998, but this year there was a
more pronounced Latin presence, from banners hanging from the ceiling at the Convention Center, to
showcases, nominations and awards — the Latin beat has become standard GMA faire.
The first Spanish-language project Christian Activities covered was in February of 1993 when I had
some of my Spanish students review Petra’s Petra En Alabanza (Petra Praise).
In May 1995 we carried an article entitled “More Great Spanish Music Available.” An excerpt from
that article reads, “This time it is Warner Alliance that has come forward with two great offerings for
the Spanish market. The first project is Solo a El (Only to Him), a Spanish-language
collection by El Coro de Brooklyn (The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir) that has been released to both
the Christian and mainstream markets… as well as international markets. Also coming out is Por
Fe, the Spanish-language version of the best-selling and critically acclaimed By Faith
project of Kim Boyce. Boyce, whose records have long been popular in Mexico despite the language
barrier, is entering the Spanish-speaking marketplace this month.” (For the complete May 1995 article, see Music History.)
Christian Activities has covered other notable singers who have recorded Spanish-language
songs, including Billy Sprague and Sandi Patty, but there was something missing — the Latin beat!
Now that Latin music has conquered mainstream music, it should be no surprise that it has found a
viable place in Contemporary Christian music. Frank Breeden,
President, GMA, sums it up.
“The Latin Christian music community is organized for growth,” says Breeden. “There are currently five labels who
are working closely with GMA on growing their music community. We believe the
future is very bright for Latin Christian music.”
The following articles cover a few of the artists who are doing projects for the Latin market and is our Cinco de Mayo tribute to Latin music. We will add more info during the week, so check back! Find out what Jaci Velasquez, Alvaro Lopez, Kindred and even the Katinas have in common atSpotlight on Latin Christian Music.
We also have created a discussion board for people who want a forum to discuss Latin Christian music at:
Latin Christian Music Club.
Feliz Cinco de Mayo y Dios Les Bendiga!
Latin Christian Music Message Board.
From our archives: 5/5/01.


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