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Welcome to Nashville First Church (Updated March 17)

SUNDAY SERVICES 9:00 am Morning Worship 10:00 am Sunday School 1:00 pm Ministry of Hope 6:00 pm Evening Celebration You are invited to visit anytime. You will discover that The Difference Is Worth The Short Distance. The 510 Family Welcomes You!! The Week Beginning Sunday – March 18, 2001 Volume 78 – Number 11 The book shelves of religious stores are filled with books on spirituality. The western world is deeply involved in the search for higher meaning. Chief among…

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News from Nashville First Church (Updated March 4)

The Week Beginning Sunday – March 4, 2001 Volume 78 – Number 9 Christ lived in our world as a common man -but there is no way that you could call his life ordinary. He lived in the extraordinary power of God. He was able to say that those who had seen him had seen the Father. The works that he did were not his, but it was the Father residing in him that did those works. So he would…

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News from Nashville First Church (Updated Feb. 25)

SUNDAY SERVICES 9:00 AM Morning Worship 10:20 AM Sunday School 1:00 PM Ministry of Hope 6:00 PM Evening Celebration —— SUNDAY RADIO BROADCASTS 9:00 AM WLAC 1510 AM (Also at 10:00 AM WNAZ 89.1 FM and WNRZ 91.5 FM 1:00 PM WENO 760 AM 6:00 PM WNAZ 89.1 FM and WNRZ 91.5 FM (Live!) —— Don’t miss out another week! Come, see and experience the Glory and Majesty and Joy of the Lord. You’ll wonder why you waited so…

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Nashville First Church News (Updated Feb 18)

A Word from Pastor Henecke We gather in the place of worship to bring ourselves into the presence of God in order to be formed by his Word. In celebrating our Lord’s life we experience his healing work as he transforms us into his likeness and sends us forth to serve in love. Our worship creates for us an inner person that is ready for the Lord’s use. Christ gave himself to us through his incarnation and made us one…

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News from Nashville First Church (Updated February 10)

YOU ARE INVITED TO: FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 510 WOODLAND ST NASHVILLE, TN 37206 Dr. Gary Allen Henecke, Pastor Sunday Services 9:00 am Morning Worship (Highlight of the Week) 10:20 am Sunday School (Growing, Growing) 1:00 pm Ministry of Hope (Outreach to the community) 6:00 pm Evening Celebration (Broadcast Live!) ———— Sunday Radio Broadcasts 9:00 am WLAC 1510 AM (also on the web at 10:00 am WNAZ 89.1 FM & WNRZ 91.5 FM 1:00 pm WENO 760 AM…

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Encouraging Music’s Rick Muchow, Pastor of Magnification at Saddleback Church, will conduct his first ever live chat in conjunction with About Christian Music on February 22nd at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern. The chat is the first online opportunity for pastors, worship leaders and worship music “fans” to interact with Muchow, but he is no stranger to the audience. As the Music Pastor for 15,000 worshippers each weekend, and as a teacher and advisor on worship for the…

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Belle Meade UMC Adds New Worship Service

Belle Meade United Methodist Church is rolling into the New Year with an added worship service aimed at new churchgoers and longtime church members, alike. The new Sunday service is theme-based, and will create a casual worship atmosphere, which includes the use of popular music, drama, along with video and film clips, to deliver God’s message. Featuring live music from a full band, the new service adds another exciting dimension to Belle Meade UMC’s ministry. “Years from now, when the…

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Dr. Phillip Johnson Speaks at Belmont Church

Dr. Phillip E. Johnson, a graduate of Harvard University and the University of Chicago Law School, Phillip E. Johnson served as law clerk for Chief Justice Earl Warren of the United States Supreme Court and has taught law for more than thirty years since at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Johnson, a nationally recognized leader in the “intelligent design movement” attacking the foundations of Darwinian evolution, will appear at Belmont church in Nashville, Tennessee, on February 11 at 6:30pm….

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Christian Activities Goes Statewide

April marked the last issue of Christian Activities Nashville. Now the little grassroots magazine that started as 1,000 photocopied one-page issues has outgrown its Nashville boundaries and changed its name to Christian Activities Tennessee. “We have always listed events from Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Memphis as we heard about them, but we didn’t aggressively pursue other areas of the state,” says publisher and founder Kathryn E. Darden. “As a result of our participation in Tennessee 200 and the requests we’ve received…

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Contact Info Address: P.O. Box 210182, Nashville, TN 37221 Phone: (615) 662-6212 FAX: (615) 662-6212 EMAIL: URL: Advertising Sales: P.O. Box 210182, Nashville, TN 37221-0182. Phone or FAX (615)/662-6212. Editor/Publisher: Kathryn E. Darden Past & Present Writers: Kurtis Kegley, Al Menconi, Gregory E. Seneff, Sr., John Wilson, Phil Wilson, Dave Ramsey, Al Menconi, Carl Mays Previous Advisory Board Members Charles Dorris, Steve Gilreath, Al Jaynes, Greg Seneff, Malcolm Greenwood More About Us: Minstry Statement contact Info Sign Up…

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