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Christopher Ames has won several KCCM Awards. His most recent one was presented to him at this year’s event held in April when he won for best, ‘Acoustic Rock artist of the Year.’ In 2006 Christopher was also awarded with the, ‘Spirit of Unity’ at the Momentum Awards. The award is presented to an artist recognizing them for their outstanding commitment to both community and fellowship.
Christopher co-wrote the songs found on this release along with several other very talented people, including Bob Halligan Jr. of Ceili Rain, and Whiplash Recording Artist, Jill Parr (who helped write the title track). The release also features a new arrangement of the popular John Denver wedding song, “For You.”
Everyday With You is the 5th studio release from Christopher and it’s a concept album centered on love and marriage. Through the songs found on it you’ll take a musical journey from the early dating stages to the marriage, children, and what comes afterwards, both good and bad.
It’s no secret that marriage’s today have about the same chance of ending in divorce as they do lasting for many happy years. So this is a nice refreshing release that tries to show just how special marriage can be when you really are in love and truly believe in your wedding vows.
The songs found on Everyday With You are a blend of Contemporary Pop along the lines of a Steven Curtis Chapman like sound. The first several tracks fall into the middle of the road tempo wise. Track’s 5 and 6 pick up the pace with much livelier beats provided by a Hammond B-3 that lights thing up musically.
Track-9 “Tired” is an acoustic guitar ballad that deals with the bad times in a marriage. That point when things just aren’t working out and having that feeling telling you to just leave but you keep thinking about your wedding vows, especially the, ‘both through the good and bad times’ part.

Track-12 “Pictures of Us” is probably one of the most touching songs dealing with sitting around with your children looking over your wedding album and pictures reminiscing over your past.
Track-13, “All Again” talks about looking back over your marriage and even though there might have been some tough times you would still do it all over again.
This release would make a nice gift to a young dating or newly married couple.
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