Christmas with a Victorian Flair

The Victorian Christmas and Charles Dickens have
become nearly indistinguishable. Charles Dickens
has probably had more influence on the way that
we celebrate Christmas today than any single
individual in human history, except one.
Back in Victorian England, Prince Albert was determined
to revive all the Christmas celebrations. You may not know
it, but the German tradition of decorating the Christmas
tree was brought in by the Queen’s husband. It was the Queen’s husband, Prince Albert, who
would revive the Christmas celebrations in
Victorian England. The prince brought the German
tradition of decorating the Christmas tree to
England. Suddenly carolers could once again be
heard in the streets of London and by the 1940s
the tradition of the Christmas card was back.
The Victorian Christmas trees were decorated with paper
cornucopias, filled with fruits, nuts, sweets and popcorn.
Glass Christmas balls appeared in America during the 1860s.
Other things used as ornaments were stars and crosses
made of lead. The homemade decoration was replaced by
“Store Bought” Christmas tree ornaments around 1870.
In the middle of the 17th century, people started using
small candles to light up the Christmas trees. This custom
was established during the early 19th century in Germany and
Slavic countries of Eastern Europe.
Back in the 17th century began the custom of using small
candles to light up the Christmas tree. This particular
tradition was established in Germany and soon after in the
Slavic countries of Eastern Europe. At the beginning, the
candles were glued with wax or pinned to the end of the
tree branches. Then, little lanterns and small
candleholders started appearing. These two inventions were
introduced between 1890 and 1914.
The way in which we celebrate Christmas has its roots in
the Victorians. For this reason, this coming Christmas let
yourself dream and think about all that. We suggest you
reclaim the elegance of these times when you plan your
next holiday.
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