Christmas… Do You Celebrate Horizontally or Vertically?

How many of us, already this Christmas season, have seen a nativity set or have read the story of His birth? How many of you have been in the delivery room during an actual birth? Now, when you retold the experience did you reach for some cardboard to cut out examples, or rob the knickknack shelf to demonstrate this most awesome experience ….NO!! You whipped out your pictures and video…hopefully taken after the birth! (The birthing process can definitely be categorized as a “one time” special effect ..the ambiance is lost over time .. especially when the child shooting out of the birth canal is carrying on a conversation and sitting beside you and or worse yet, you are dating them)! Needless to say, even after the storytelling and pictures are done and put away … you cannot recreate the atmosphere of the amazing event that happened. No amount of film, video tape or words can depict the impact of that miracle!
The same holds true with the birth of Christ. We will never be able to understand the Glory, the Majesty, the full Godly Impact that hit the earth and resonated through all eternity that glorious night! But, we need to try! Our minds cannot fully comprehend this spectacular event when God came to dwell “with us,” entering into the world as a child, in human form and from a virgin! The previous sentence alone holds such powerful truths and should be something that literally takes our breath away when we speak it! Instead of just some flippant, traditional, trite phrases that we plug into our speech for seasonal purposes! I have caught myself doing that….. and I am so ashamed when I realize what I have done! As a Christian, how could I let myself ever trivialize the birth of my Savior through ritual language.
This can happen so easily as December rolls around and then suddenly we are in a raging river of holiday mayhem! Before we know it our Lord’s birth has come and gone in our home without us even inviting the guest of honor to the party! When Christmas is celebrated this year in your home…. try to revisit in some way, the first Christmas! Let the Truth of His Birth consume you every time you sing a carol, wrap a gift, view a tree and look at the lights! Remember that; Christ is our of praise to God for the salvation of our souls, that Christ is the Ultimate Gift for all who willing choose to accept Him, that the tree for this Christ Child was an old rugged cross…that would be used to slowly torture, humiliate and kill our Savior, and that this Baby is the only “Light” for a dying world!

You see, there is deep meaning in the Christmas celebration if you stay focused on the True Miracle ….not the horizontal celebration but the vertical one! Glory came down and impacted history like nothing else has ever done! Christmas is the time for us to unleash our passion for Him as we rejoice, praise and worship our King! So have fun and get caught up in the vertical celebration!

From our archives Dec. 21,  2011

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