Christian Writers Lift on Twitter Promotes Faith-Based Writers on Sundays

Christian Activities Hosts Christian Writers Lift on Twitter Every Sunday to Promote Faith-Based Writers: #ChristianWritersLift

Are you a Christian writer, blogger, poet, author, or journalist on Twitter who would like to gain more exposure and help other Christian writers in the process? Consider joining the Christian Writers Lift thread on Twitter each Sunday.

The Twitter social media platform is not always friendly to Christians or conservatives. For one thing Twitter is known for heavy-handed censorship against conservatives and Christians. For another, Twitter has a very liberal base now as many conservatives have move on to greener pastures like Parler and USA.Life. This means posts about liberal platforms including abortion, feminism and special rights for LGTB and other special-interest groups are popular, while posts about Christianity and traditional values are often ridiculed, or worse, censored.

One of the largest groups on the Twitter platform is the #WritingCommunity. However, the Twitter Writing Community is full of the occult, eroticism and other genres of writing that are not compatible with Christianity. To give Christian Writers a safe thread to exchange links, likes, retweets, and comments, Christian Activities hosts the #ChristianWritersLift every Sunday for Christian authors, poets, bloggers and other Christian writers.

To promote a link to your article, poem, blog or website, etc., simply like the Christian Activities page on Twitter and look for the the most recent #ChristianWritersLift post. Like and retweet the Christian Writers Lift post so more people can find it, and add your link and introduce yourself in the comments. We make it a point to try to retweet any comments on the thread from those who RT the original post and post a clearly Christian link, and we encourage everyone to retweet other interesting Christian links and even add each other as friends for support.

Christian Activities may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

Be sure and check back every Sunday for the most recent Christian Writers Lift. so you can share, retweet, like, comment and post your links each week.

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