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ave you had enough of all the inappropriate toys on the market and the negative messages they teach? Have you been hoping that a company would produce quality toys that teach your children Christian values and lead them to the Bible? Then one2believe, an established Christian Toy company has exactly what you are looking for.
one2believe offers products for boys and girls of all ages, from Bible character dolls that speak scripture and VeggieTales plush toys, to dolls that help to introduce Proverbs 31 principles for girls aged 8-11. For example, one2believe’s Messengers of Faith line is a grouping of 12″ dolls based on the greatest heroes of the Bible, including Jesus, Moses, Mary, David and Esther. The dolls recite Bible verses which engage children in Bible stories and help them to memorize Scripture. David Socha, founder of one2believe says, “It has been a vision of mine for many years to produce toys that will teach children Biblical attributes and to give them true heroes to aspire to be like.” Prominent people of faith including Pastor Jack Hayford, Father Frank Pavone and many others agree having endorsed Messengers of Faith for teaching children to understand and memorize Bible verses.
P31, the company’s newest toy has similar features to the popular American Girl Dolls but with a more pronounced Biblical message. Each P31 doll comes with an activity that teaches girls, through playing with their dolls, attributes of a Proverbs 31 woman. It is one2believe’s prayer that P31 dolls will uphold the integrity of what it means to be a P31 woman and encourage girls to pursue it.
Because one2believe knows that sometimes the most underprivileged can benefit the most from the Christian toys they design, one2believe will donate over $1,000,000 in product to the charities Samaritans Purse, INCM, Holy Cross and many others by the end of 2006. “In donating our toys to these wonderful charities we know that not only will many well deserved children receive a gift this Christmas, but that it is a gift that will teach them about the faith, the Bible, and Gods love. This is exactly what was on my heart when I started one2believe.”, Socha says.
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About one2believe –
one2believe, a premier developer of high-quality Christian educational resources and a division of Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company, is devoted to the Biblical education of children. They have just added VeggieTales plush, Tales of Glory Bible figurines and P31, a tween inspired line of dolls to their existing Messengers of Faith scripture speaking Bible character dolls. one2believe is located in Valencia, CA.
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