Christian Photographers, California Counselors Censored & Censured

In 2006, Christian photographer Elaine Huguenin of Elane Photography declined a request to photograph a homosexual wedding in New Mexico. Huguenin was fined thousands of dollars for turning down the request to take pictures at two women’s commitment ceremony. The state’s Human Rights Commission claimed Huguenin was guilty of “sexual orientation discrimination.” A New Mexico court ruled that Huguenin violated anti-discrimination laws by refusing to photograph the lesbian ceremony.
Huguenin has stated that her Christian beliefs kept her from photographing the event.
“Americans in the marketplace should not be subjected to legal attacks for simply abiding by their beliefs,” said Jordan Lorence, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, which is representing the photographer.
The New Mexico Supreme Court is reviewing the case.
In related news, California Sen. Ted Lieu of San Francisco authored S.B. 1172 (…), a bill which would make it illegal for counselors in California to work with minors wanting help with homosexual tendencies. The bill passed the General Assembly Appropriations Committee on Aug. 8, and is expected to come up for a vote by the full Assembly by the end of the month.
These two cases illustrate what happens when a special interest group is given special, unique rights above and beyond what the rest of Americans enjoy.
A photographer should be able to chose which jobs he wants to take. There are other photographers in the phone book if the one you want can’t come — call another one!
A trained, licensed counselor should be able to help a patient that asks for help an emotional or mental issue.
These are both outrageous violations of freedom of speech and freedom of religion that promote the homosexual agenda and disregard the religious beliefs and values of others. This is not about “equal rights” — it is about promoting the homosexual lifestyle and penalizing those who don’t agree with it.


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