Christian Music Monthly: International

His Season: Canadian Gospel group His Season, which reminds me of
Avalon with their polished harmonies, just announced that their
latest recording “Stepping Up” is now available at their webpage via
their new online store at His Season’s “Stepping Up”
includes 3 brand new original songs along with some of their favorite
inspired Praise and Worship Songs like “Come, Now Is The Time To
Worship,” “Open The Eyes Of My Heart,” and “Here I Am To Worship.”
Rounding off the CD is His Season’s a cappella version of “O
Canada.” If your church would like to take part in the His
Season “Stepping Up” Tour, please contact Brian at (519) 836-9936
(London, Ontario, Canada) or visit for more info today.
Downhere: Showcasing long-awaited new music from their May 23rd
Centricity Records debut, entitled Wide-Eyed And Mystified, the band
Downhere recently rocked the main stage at Spirit West Coast in Del
Mar, California. For more info about this Canadian Christian rock
band, visit
LZ7: If you like Toby Mac, did you know in England there’s a group
called LZ7 featuring Lindz West who makes music that’s a lot like
Toby’s? LZ7 takes their loud blend of hip-hop and rock into schools
and prisons, telling kids and inmates about the Good News of Jesus
Christ. Lindz told me, quote, “I think Jesus was the most radical,
amazing, fundamental person I could have ever come across. I think
what He stood for, and what He did on the cross, is something worth
telling people about.” End quote. To learn more about what’s going on
in England and how LZ7 is impacting the culture there, read my
interview with LZ7 on
Rebecca St. James: She won’t soon forget her midnight tour of Red
Square in Moscow where she posed in front of St. Basil Cathedral near
the Kremlin for a photo with her band and road crew. Bringing God’s
message to the very heart of Moscow was but one unforgettable stop on
a tour that purposely went to cities few contemporary Christian
artists have ever been to before. Rebecca visited Russia, Hungary,
Estonia, Bulgaria, and the Faroe Islands. I think it’s great that an
artist of her caliber is opening doors for other artists to play
faith-inspired music in Europe and Asia. She’s a trailblazer. For
those of you in The States and Canada, Rebecca St. James will be at
Kingdom Bound Christian music festival in Upstate New York this
August. For info, visit
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