Christian Man Sings Hymns for 40 Hours

Dear Christian Activities,
Last July 20th thru 22nd my Christian husband, Terry Coleman, kad a hymn singing marathon fundraiser to bring awareness to the homeless in Denver, CO. He sang for 40 hours 17 minutes. He has just been confirmed by the book of Alternative Records as a record holder.
At is age of 54 years old with eight grandchildren I am very proud of my husband for being able to accomplish this feat. Before the event, our family had our doubts. But he assured us that if we had faith in Jesus Christ nothing is impossible.
To see about my husband’s event from Ripley’s click here:
Although there was not a lot of money raised, many homeless people told my husband that they would like to know Jesus. He is working with the homeless through our church.

Sebbie Coleman
Dear Sebbie,
It is truly wonderful that your husband has found his own unique way to raise awareness for the homeless as well as for Christ. I am sure he is blessed to have such a proud, supportive wife.
God bless you both.


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