Christian Group to Counter Preschool Propaganda

This Saturday, February 18, the Considering Homeschooling group will be hosting Debbie Feely, author of Preschool at Home: What Do I Do with My Child before Kindergarten? This free event is open to the public and will be held at 5pm at Irvine Community Church at 14804 Sand Canyon, Irvine.
“Hollywood mogul Rob Reiner and the universal preschool lobby, using the millions generated from the Prop. 10 cigarette tax, are waging psychological warfare on motherhood in this state,” said Charles B. Lowers, Executive Director of Considering Homeschooling. Considering Homeschooling is urging parents to keep their children home.
“If you can create a safe, loving, educational, Christ- centered home, then with you is where your children need to be,” said Lowers. The group is hosting monthly speakers like Feely who will discuss how to successfully teach young children at home.
Considering Homeschooling, a nationwide ministry founded by Charles and Kathy Lowers in 2001, focuses on getting believers in Jesus to raise their own young. “These humanists do not believe the family is to be the main caretaker or educator of children at any age,” said Lowers, “which is quite the opposite of God’s design for bringing up the next generation.”
“The Preschool for All Initiative, Prop. 82, is on the ballot for June and is an attempt to foist the failed public school system on children who should be home cuddling with their mothers. Unfortunately, since many churches are in the preschool business or don’t want to offend parents who have delegated their children to day care workers, the pulpits are largely silent. We seek to provide a voice of encouragement for mothers staying home.”
Considering Homeschooling, with several hundred members in its Orange County chapter (, hopes to counter the epidemic of preschool among Christian families. They are helping start “homeschool evangelism” outreaches throughout California and the nation, which promote the idea that homeschooling beings at babyhood.
Author Debbie Feely will be providing attendees with ideas for teaching spiritual truths, literature, physical fitness, art and other areas to young children at home, using informal methods and inexpensive materials.

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