Christian City Youth — Music That Grabs You

Every now and then a band comes along that affects you like no other.
A band that works on many levels with high energy, exciting visual performances, distinctly individual musicianship, as well as intelligent and atmospheric lyrics. Music that grabs you and ushers in the presence of God.
Ever since Christian City Youth morphed from Receiver Band in the early 00s, this band has grown at a steady but constant pace, enlarging its popularity with a series of critically acclaimed CDs as well as ambitious domestic and international tours.
Christian City Youth’s latest CD “No Longer I” – launched at the Phenomena Conference in Melbourne last week – is like a puzzle with so many hidden details connecting the music and the lyrics. With the quantum leap in production values and the slight shift to emo, the first single “More Than” seems sure to establish the band in previously unreached markets.
If the reception given to the band at its Melbourne CD launch is any indication, Christian City Youth has unique appeal and is destined for a bigger future.
Christian City Youth performs at Phenomena Sydney at its home base, Christian City Church Oxford Falls 18-22 April.


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