Christian Bands Challenge Youth

In 2003, MercyMe and Audio Adrenaline presented a 52-city concert tour called the “Go Show.” The tour focused on calling concert goers to take a short-term mission trip within 18 months. At the end of the tour, more than 5,000 students had registered for mission expeditions.v “We issued a challenge to the youth of America, specifically the Christian youth of America,” Audio Adrenaline’s lead singer Mark Stuart explained.  “The worship movement is so strong now, and we want to challenge kids not to fall in love with feeling good about worship so much that they build a wall around themselves in their youth group.  They need to take their worship to their schools and community.  It’s all about putting worship into motion, putting faith into action worldwide.”
In an effort to encourage youth towards action, the Go Foundation was created.  The Go Foundation helps plug youth directly into a missions organization that matches their strengths.
The concept of making a global impact for Christ is especially important to members of Audio Adrenaline, since Stuart’s parents served as missionaries in Haiti. 
“Growing up in Haiti, I saw my parents go through a lot,” Stuart said.  “They worked hard trying to make a difference in a third world country.  In the midst of that, my sister was diagnosed with Leukemia.  There are stories like that from missionaries and God’s servants all over the world.  But I think God’s people are at their strongest when they’re broken because God can use them to do incredible things when they say, ‘All I can do is rely on God.'”
Stuart says the missions theme behind Audio Adrenaline’s album, “Worldwide,” came from the response they received from their hit single, “Hands and Feet.”
“I think that song motivated a generation to do something, and we want to continue to motivate people in that direction.  It’s all about getting out there and doing something incredible for God.  We got a lot of feedback and e-mails about that song from both kids and parents, and that really encouraged us to do a record like this. So, we decided to make a whole record about youth standing up and saying, ‘I want to get serious about my faith. I want to be a missionary and do what I can to help my community.’  It’s basically a call to action.”
While performing at a variety of youth events, Audio Adrenaline encourages youth to share Christ in their everyday surroundings.
“Just get out there in the world and share Christ … even if it’s just to your next door neighbor’s house or in your high school,” Stuart said. “I think we need to encourage youth to be the leaders of today and not wait until tomorrow to make a difference.  They need to stand up and say, ‘I think this is the way that God wants us to work.  I want to lead this group, and I want to be empowered by God right now to be a leader in my community and in my school.'”

Leann Callaway is a Dallas-based freelance writer.


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