Christian Activities Website Back Up and Running!

At the beginning of 2019, the Christian Activities website went on a temporary hiatus while our web master tackled moving all her accounts from Drupal over to WordPress. Unfortunately, life happened more than once, and an unfortunate string of circumstances delayed relaunching the popular Christian music website as quickly as planned.

Almost a year later, a Christian Activities blog was created on the blogger platform at the beginning of 2020 to have a place to park some Christian music and local articles while waiting for the rebirth of the official Christian Activities site.

Finally, on April Fool’s Day 2010, our web team was able to bring our the Christian Activities website back to life (the best April Fool’s prank EVER)! Our staff has been busy moving articles over since then in preparation for our grand-reopening announcement.

Special thanks to web team Karen Bennett and Marcus Cortes for their efforts in getting a new-and-improved platform, better security and more bells and whistles for Due to their efforts, the Christian Activities website is finally back up and running in 2020.

And thank you to our loyal readers for finding us on the web again. Welcome back! We look forward to bringing you the best in Christian music and entertainment news and information once again.

Christian Activities Mission Statement

Our ministry is to network and unify the Body of Christ by providing current information about activities of interest to Christians in each state through articles about concerts, church events and other activities, and through articles about performers and personalities who profess to be Christians.

Our goal is to further the visibility and development of Christian arts and activities, providing this information without charge so the public may find out about events impacting their lives with the good news of Jesus Christ.


Christian Activities Magazine Celebrates 25 Years

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