Christian Activities to Cover Trump March in Washington D.C. on Jan 6

Christian Activities Publisher Kathryn Darden to Cover Trump March in Washington D.C. on Jan 6

From the Publisher’s Desk: Christian Activities Will Cover Trump March & Rally in Our Nation’s Capitol Jan 6

I will be covering the Trump march on Jan 6 in Washington DC for Christian Activities. I covered the last march in Washington DC on social media using secondary sources and saw mile after mile of peaceful protestors until Antifa/BLM arrived. Then I had to read headlines about the violence at the Trump march that didn’t mention there was no violence until Antifa/BLM arrived.

I will not be in the crowds but will stay in COVID isolation while I cover this important event from a distance. I will also have a reporter in the crowd sending me video footage, and we are working on a YouTube channel.

This will not be hearsay. This will not be fake news. This will not be photoshopped.

I have grown weary of the SIX leftist-controlled conglomerates that own something like 90% of major news agencies repeating the same propaganda over and over. The agenda of the left is not compatible with Biblical Christianity and is only in line with the type of progressive Christianity that is moving away from Biblical mandates and towards socialism. So although I am concerned about COVID-19 as well as the potential for violent Antifa and BLM riots that always occur at these events, I am more concerned about the future of our nation and it’s Christian foundation if we allow our constitution to be trampled on so egregiously that we allow a fraudulent vote to take away our rights as American citizens.

As we drive through Virginia, we can’t help but notice the support for President Trump along the way.

That’s why I am on the road to Washington DC, to provide my own truthful coverage of what I see and what my man in the streets will report back to me on. Stay tuned for my coverage. I will be running articles on Christian Activities as well as posting photos and video links on Facebook and Twitter.

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Please pray for safe travels and protection at the event for me and my reporter. Please pray for our nation. Please pray for ears to hear and eyes to see the truth as I am.

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