Christian Activities Publisher Kathryn E. Darden Announces Partnership with Rodan + Fields

The publisher of and the Nashville Gospel Music & Entertainment columnist for has recently added another title to her extensive resume when she signed up as a skin care consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists.
“Many people are not aware that before I began writing about gospel music, and even while publishing Christian Activities, I have worked in skin care to underwrite Christian Activities while other papers were having to close their doors,” Darden states.
Avon Representative
Immediately after college, Darden became an Avon representative where her interest in products and ingredients was kindled. Later, working in the cosmetics department at Macy’s at night while operating Christian Activities during the day, Darden began to learn more about various “better” skin care lines including Clinique, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, and Alexandra de Markoff.
Dealing with Skin Cancer
However, it was when she began to experience skin cancer over much of her face and subsequent skin problems that Darden began to take skin care more seriously as she spent time consulting dermatologists.
Most Skin Care Ingredients Temporary Fixes
Darden says that dermatologists were quick to point out the difference between prescription medications and over-the-counter skin care products. “I learned just enough to be dangerous. I learned the ingredients in most skin care products were temporary fixes that lasted as long as the product was fresh on the skin.”
Efudex, Renova, Metronidazole & Finacea
After being prescribed products including Efudex to fight skin cancer, Darden says she discovered the complexion she had always taken for granted was now blotchy, irritated and dry. Her dermatologist prescribed Renova which made her skin flaky and irritated. Next stress at her job combined with her damaged skin led to rosacea, and Darden was prescribed various forms of the antibiotic Metronidazole to keep the condition from worsening. When Metronidazole didn’t work, her dermatologist prescribed Finacea.
“Not only was I spending a small fortune in dermatologist visits and prescriptions, but my skin was still blotchy, irritated, red and unattractive.”
Skin, Health & Beauty Examiner
Darden began to share her research and experiences in a Skin, Health & Beauty Column for Examiner and her own Skin, Health & Beauty blog, writing articles about skin cancer, rosacea, skin care products, ingredients and other skin care issues, often pointing out the ineffectiveness of certain products and ingredients as well as issues associated with aging skin. Then a friend recommended Darden try a new skin care line created by the dermatologists who also created Proactiv Solution.
Rodan + Fields Soothe for Rosacea
“The first product I was introduced to was Soothe, which not only contains medicinal and botanical ingredients which work to heal the skin.
“No one knows what causes rosacea. One of the best guesses is it might be a microbe or protozoa of some sort, so dermatologists prescribe the antifungal and antibacterial Flagyl/Metronidazole for topical use on the face. The other alternative is Finacea. Both are very expensive, listed as potentially carcinogenic on some sites, and have no other benefits to the skin. It just makes sense to me to use a less expensive formula with skin healing ingredients like Dimethicone and Allantoin as well as various botanicals to address multiple skin issues, not just a pricey antibacterial prescription.”

Rodan + Fields Reverse, Anti-Age, & Unblemish
Other products in the Rodan + Fields Dermatologists line include the Reverse regime for age spots and hyperpigmentation, the Redefine (formerly Anti-Age) regime for wrinkles, fine lines and skin tone and texture, and the Unblemish line for acne, adult acne, and cystic acne.
Rodan + Fields – Dermatologist Products at Home
Darden admits the products are not cheap but says when compared to the ineffectiveness of over-the-counter skin care and the high cost of prescription skin care, Rodan + Fields offers a middle ground of dermatologist care at more affordable prices and without a costly visit to the dermatologist.
Since Rodan + Fields is a new company by the creators of Proactive and is about to release a revolutionary new anti-aging product and technology in October, Darden states, “This was the ideal time for me to get back into skin care and be a pioneering partner with a debt-free, highly successful company that is taking the skin care industry by storm.”
Darden will continue to underwrite Christian Activities through her work with Rodan + Fields.
Meet Kathryn E. Darden October 16, 2010
Join Christian Activities Publisher and Skin, Health & Beauty Examiner Kathryn Darden as she shares information about skin, health and beauty at a Wine, Cheese & Skin Care Party October 16, 2010, in West Nashville. Get a free skin consultation and see what sun damage your skin reveals under a black light.
Email skin_and_health (at) for more details.
About Rodan + Fields
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