Christian Activities Adopts a Soldier in Iraq

Christian Activities has adopted a soldier in Iraq, and we encourage our readers to keep him in prayer and send him a card with a word of encouragement. Sgt. Andrew Danison is a Christian from Halifax, Virginia where he works as a game warden. He is a Mayberry fan and a writer.
He has written two articles for Christian Activities in the past: Jackie’s Christmas Present, and Is God Fair?
Andy Danison is now stationed in Al Kasik, Iraq. We will post updates from Andy as we receive them so that you can get to know Andy a little as well as know how to pray for him and the troops stationed in his area.
Here is what Andy had to say in his first letter to us:
I am now in Al Kasik, and I’ll be here for a while. Things are quite
different here. There is a definite shortage of trees and grass. They have
plenty of sand, rocks, scrub brush and folks that I can’t quite understand
yet . . . but I’m getting there. We’ve had a few mortar rounds lobbed our
way, and there has been the occasional rattle of AKs in the distance, but
nothing that came close.
I don’t believe I’ve ever been adopted before . . . it could be a hoot!
Thanks for being there.
Sgt. Danison’s address is:
1SG Andrew Danison
1st Bn, 2d Bde, 3d IAD/CMATT
FOB Sykes
APO AE 09334
Please keep Andy and the rest of the troops in your prayers, and please consider sending Andy a card of encouragement sometime in the next few months. Christmas is coming up soon, and I know it would mean a lot to our soldiers to get encouraging cards and letters to remind them that they are nor forgotten as time passes.
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