From November 1-20, the artwork of Christafari’s “WordSound&Power” album will be featured in an art exhibition at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts in North San Diego County, California.

The five original watercolor paintings created for the packaging of Lion of Zion’s first release will be on display. The paintings are original works by Margaret Mohr, the mother of Mark Mohr–founder of Christafari and Lion of Zion Entertainment. Margaret is an established artist with works in various galleries. After majoring in art at UCLA, Margaret went on to work as an artist on Hanna Barbera comics. She later developed two successful lines of baby clothing/bedding and stuffed animals. After raising and instilling creativity and a passion for the arts in both Mark and his brother Greg, Margaret, recently retired, continues to develop her craft with a current emphasis on watercolor painting.

“She’s a natural. She is so talented. I remember the day my mother and I were talking about the cover concept for “WordSound&Power.” I explained I wanted it to have an image that was part man and part lion. As usual, she reached for a piece of paper and began to sketch out what she had in her mind. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but just a few hours later she handed me what would become the final album cover. I was shocked! All I’d ever seen her paint were flowers and landscapes. It was the first face she had ever painted using that medium,” said Mark.

Impressed with his mother’s first painting, he asked her to paint five more for the album. The response to Margaret’s artwork on “WordSound&Power” was so positive, Mark used her watercolor creations for several subsequent Christafari’s releases. You can see the work of Margaret’s brush in WordSound&Power, Dub Sound&Power, Palabra Sonido Y Poder, Reggae Worship–The First Fruits of Christafari, and Lion of Zion’s upcoming release, “Dancehall Baptism chapter one” (Christafari and Friends).

On Saturday, November 11th, Mark and his parents attended a music filled reception at the Poway Center Gallery. The theme of the art show is “Command Performance”, and Christafari’s is the only album art on display. It is unlike anything else in the gallery. This exhibition will continue through the 20th of November at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts, 15498 Espola Rd. The upstairs gallery is open from 9am-4pm Monday-Friday and 11am-3pm on Saturday. For directions, call (858) 748-0505.

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