Chris Rice at Bluefield College


CA Staff
Aug 31, 2006



More than 600 contemporary Christian music fans swarmed the campus of
Bluefield College on August 31 to hear the award-winning music of
singer/songwriter Chris Rice. The local Rice fans joined Bluefield College students, faculty and
staff in filling Harman Chapel to capacity for Rice’s hopeful messages about
life and faith.

The concert, just one of several events scheduled to welcome Bluefield
College students back for another academic year, featured music from Rice’s
20-year musical repertoire, including his latest offerings from the CD
“Amusing,” a cross-over album with a hit single, “When Did You Fall,” that
is climbing up the adult contemporary chart.
In addition to the cross-over romantic-comedy kind of love song in “When Did
You Fall,” Rice sang other new singles, like “The Final Move,” a clear and
beautiful declaration of hope for humanity, and “Tick-Tock,” a fun and rowdy
look at how we measure, waste, use, and get dragged through time.

“My hope is that this new music will not only reach and encourage
people who already believe in what I do, but also reach people across a much
broader spectrum,” Rice said about the music he shared from his latest CD.
“This is a record full of optimism, hope and love for life, a message for

Over the past decade, Rice has become one of the most well-known and
influential artists in contemporary Christian music. His career as a
singer/songwriter has included the sale of more than 1.5 million records,
several number one singles, numerous Dove Award nominations, and a Dove
Award for Male Vocalist of the Year. Through it all, he shares a message of
hope in Jesus Christ and encouragement for life.

“In one sense, they’re just songs,” Rice said about his influential music,
“but on the other hand, a song can trigger a thought that might lead to a
change. That's not unique to music, though. We all have that potential with
our lives and our work.”

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