Chonda Pierce To Co-Host Christian Comedy Showcase

Chonda Pierce To Co-Host Christian Comedy Showcase June 10th
Over 100 comedians will gather in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in one place at one time–and can you believe you won’t hear a single filthy word? That’s because these comedians are busy keeping their comedy not only hilarious but family friendly. They are Christian Comedians and they are out-selling most Christian and secular artists today. Combined they have sold over five million comedy projects in the country and they do all of this with a G-rating.
“Okay, PG if you count my joke about my new feathered haircut looking like the rear-end of a chicken!” laughs the most popular female Christian Comedian in the country, Chonda Pierce. “I’m always amazed that people are so surprised that you can be a stand-up comedian AND a Christian. We just like to laugh with a crowd that will remember what they’re laughing about the next morning!”
This year the Christian Comedy Association has chosen World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee as the site for their semi-annual Comedy Conference. This is the third Conference or retreat for these comedians. “A couple of us just threw the idea out on the Internet a while back and comics came out of the woodwork!” says Pierce.
The first get-together was hosted by Pierce on her farm –appropriately named The Funny Farm –in Ashland City, TN. “It was an incredible beginning,” comments Pierce. “We discussed everything from marketing to ministry. We exchanged addresses, jokes and contacts. But it has become way more than simply networking–it has become a fellowship that many of us have been waiting for.”
Since that day an advisory board was established and functions much like the framework of the Gospel Music Association. The major difference is the focus. “This Association focuses on the needs of those working full-time in the field of comedy,” states CCA President, Dan Rupple. Dan has the most extensive background in Christian Comedy. He is the founding member of one of the first recording artists in the field of Christian comedy—Isaac Airfreight. This comedy group sold over two million albums in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s when the idea of a comedian who was a Christian was unheard of. Rupple, who worked for the David Letterman Show, as well as producing a variety of shows for CBS Television, remains an active advocate for clean comedians.

“Comedy is one of the greatest tools to use to open a heart and then leave that person with a message greater than the laugh itself,” says Mark Lowry, one of the most popular Christian Comedians today. “We may be the odd ball in the Christian market–-but we’re having the most fun!”
During the two-day comedy retreat the public is invited to watch the latest funny folks in action. The Christian Comedy Showcase takes place Tuesday, June 10th at the World Outreach Church on New Salem Road in Murfreesboro. Tickets are available in advance at the church office for $10. The night is hosted by Mark Lowry and Chonda Pierce and will include special guests Ken Davis, Mike Williams, Isaac Airfreight, and many many more. Seating is limited, so getting your ticket in advance is highly recommended.
For more information, contact the CCA President, Dan Rupple at 562-965-3245.
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