Cheekwood Hosts Pooch Party, Pumpkin Village

The grounds of Cheekwood went to the dogs today as dogs of all shapes, sizes, colors and breeds enjoyed the beautiful fall scenery and pumpkins. The two-day, dog-friendly event ran October 22 and 23.

The canines in attendance seemed to enjoy the pumpkins as much as their human counterparts as must pumpkins needed to be sniffed thoroughly. Many of the four-legged guests wore costumes in keeping with the Halloween season.

Cheekwood Harvest Pumpkin Village

The pumpkin village has grown since my last visit and was quite a sight to behold. Much like the variety of pups, there were pumpkins in a vast array of colors, textures, and sizes.

Several pumpkin houses lined the drive, flanked by pumpkin towers, pumpkin wagons, buckets of pumpkins, and more pumpkins. The pumpkins and displays were not confined to the pumpkin village. Around most corners and bends, another seasonal display would appear.

Experiences designed for kids, adults and families alike have made this fall celebration the perfect time to visit Cheekwood.

While this was the last night of the Pooch Party, Cheekwood Harvest will continue until Oct. 30.

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