Cheekwood Harvest 2020 Is Ablaze with Color

Cheekwood Harvest 2020 Features Chrysanthemums, Pumpkin Houses & Blazing Fall Colors

Cheekwood is ablaze in fall colors as the botanical gardens are full of their usual vibrant autumn chrysanthemums and other flowers. Add to that the exotic beauty of Chihuly sculptures. Throw in a colorful mix of seasonal pumpkins and you have Chekwood Harvest.

Cheekwood Harvest 2020

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens is celebrating all things fall during Cheekwood Harvest, part of their year-round lineup of signature seasonal festivals. The changing of the leaves are one of many garden highlights you’ll find as oaks, maples, dogwoods, and other trees greet you with their fall colors. You’ll find activities and experiences designed to appeal to kids, adults and families alike, making this six-week celebration the perfect time for a peaceful solo stroll, a crisp fall family day, or an afternoon date.

Pumpkin House and Village

The Cheekwood Harvest pumpkins village is a charming display of various-colored pumpkins and gourds set up as small houses complete with openings for doors and windows. This 11-foot-tall Pumpkin House is fun for the whole family. Pumpkins for carving, painting and are waiting for your to purchase and take home. And explore more pumpkins that help brighten and add interest to our various gardens.

Mum Explosion

Thousands of chrysanthemums in various deep autumn hues are planted throughout the gardens specifically for Cheekwood Harvest. Some gardens feature mums and pumpkins displayed together for special autumn beauty.

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Dog Nights of Harvest

Wednesday nights Cheekwood is going to the dogs. Bring the whole family including Lassie and enjoy dog-friendly nights in the garden. Select Wednesday evenings during Cheekwood Harvest.

Please note that Cheekwood closes at 4:30 PM for all daytime access. All guests will be asked to leave the property at that time.

Cheekwood Harvest runs through November 1 in Nashville, TN. Visit for more information.

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