Charlie Peacock Releases New Book

In March of 2004, Artist/Producer Charlie Peacock will embark on his first major tour in 10 years celebrating two decades as a solo artist in Christian music. Peacock will also be promoting a new book, New Way To Be Human: A Provocative Look At What It Means To Follow Jesus.
The Charlie Peacock Book and Music Tour will feature Concert and Conversation–stories from NWTBH and performances of Charlie’s best known songs such as In The Light, Every Heartbeat, and One Man Gets Around. In addition to concerts, Peacock is accepting speaking and teaching opportunities as well. At several stops on the tour he will be giving songwriting, jazz improvisation, and music industry workshops.

Charlie Peacock Pens 2nd Book
Charlie Peacock Celebrates 20 Years

Charlie Peacock Celebrates 20 Years

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