Chaos at the Capitol — Day Gardner Asks Who is to Blame

Chaos at the Capitol — Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-Life Union, Asks Who is to Blame

Chaos at the Capitol: Day Gardner Shares Her Thoughts

Like many Americans, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the heartbreaking events of yesterday. This is America, how did we get here?

The thing that nags at me most is the fact that every bit of this … all of it could have been avoided. The media, the Democrats and many Republicans take the let’s blame Trump road because they think it’s the easiest thing to do. After all, Democrats have been pinning everything on him for almost 5 years.

In reality the easiest thing to do would have been an audit of the votes in six states. Think about it. Every Governor of those states, every Republican and every Democrat should have said YES, let’s prove Trump won — or YES let’s prove Trump lost!

Even if they didn’t want to believe the affidavits of a hundred or more people who saw fraudulent behavior at the polling places with their own eyes, they should have all said, okay lugging out suitcases from under the tables caught on camera … maybe we should look into this.

The fact that even the Supreme Court and the other courts chose to ignore voting discrepancies fed into the growing belief that America was under siege by the socialist left and that maybe even the courts are in on it, or are too afraid of upsetting the apple cart to do anything about it.

Additionally, the American people still don’t understand why Hillary got off so easily, why the Russia hoax and so many other happenings were never properly investigated and/or prosecuted. Not to mention the fact that the FBI was aware of the Hunter and Joe Biden, China fiasco a year ago, yet did nothing about it.

Americans have become so distrustful of our government, the media and our representatives. And now, as Congress gets back to the “business” of certifying the Biden Presidency, questions still remain.

I heard Lindsay Graham, Kelly Loeffler and others say how we need to put 2020 behind us especially after the horrible events of yesterday.

What they can’t get through their seemingly thick skulls is that the American people still don’t know what happened in those six states. We saw some crazy things happening behind the curtains and the people who are supposedly representing us, want all of us to “un-see” it. We can’t un-see it.

The bottom line is Democrats and many Republicans want everyone to think the breach of the Capitol was all only about Trump. In truth, it was about our vote.

It was all about these questions … did our vote count and will our future votes count? You say yes? I say prove it!

Which brings us full circle doesn’t it?

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