Center for Bible Engagement Offers Free Resource to Ministers During COVID-19

The Center for Bible Engagement’s (CBE) recent survey of frequent church attenders reveals the impact the Covid-19 pandemic is having on faith. To support pastors and churches navigating this crisis, the CBE is offering churches a free well-being survey for their congregations as they come to grips with Coronavirus. CBE’s research director, Dr. Arnie Cole, notes that effective ministry starts by discovering where people are spiritually.

“With churches experiencing physical disconnection, pastors desperately need solid data on how their congregants are doing,” says Cole. “This survey can be easily embedded into any existing website or they can share it via email or social media. It provides pastors key information about their church members such as how they are holding up physically and emotionally during the crisis, what they are struggling with most, what the church can do to help them, and so on. Because we know many churches are being hurt by the financial downturn this pandemic is causing, this survey is 100% free for them to use.”

The free resource is available at:


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